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GS: Part 2 of Part II

You have grown. http://laracasey.tumblr.com/post/18987862808/you-could-never-keep-a-houseplant-alive-but-youSource: Lara Casey

Yay!  We survived the field trip with only one carsick (or is it bus sick?) kid! 
Okay, so before I start on telling you a little more about step three.  I would like to share some more about what I wrote for steps 1 and 2.

Step One: What were my wins in 2012?

1.  Well the first thing I wrote down was starting this blog. I remember the day I got this big ah-ha about it.  I had started another blog that I called enCOURAGEment, but I wanted it to be something more than it was.  One day in the springtime I was out hiking with Britt.  We have this special trail we like to hike (mostly because it's not well known and so you hardly see anyone on it). We're hiking along having our normal deep conversation while we're out enjoying nature and getting a workout all at the same time.  I start telling her about this blog I started and how I wanted it to be more.  She was giving me more ideas about it and all of the sudden we decided to have this adventure together!  We spent the next few days brainstorming and getting a lot of ideas for what we wanted to do with it. It has been our hope in the months since to touch the lives of other women and inspire them to live up to their greatness. It has been a very good learning experience!

2.  I ran three different half marathons!  One of them was even a trail half marathon!  Besides this being a pretty big accomplishment.  The even better win for me was letting go of what I think running races looks like.  I have run races for a few years now, and I was always getting stuck on what a "real runner" looks like and acts like.  I didn't fit into my looks like and acts like lists and always felt that I wasn't a "real runner".  Now I say to myself, "Hello!  You ARE a real runner!  You went and ran that race and FINISHED!"

3.  The last thing I'd like to share is that I allowed myself to be more adventurous.  I got on a horse and rode it all by myself!  I went snowboarding out in the cold wet snow!  I went rock climbing even though I am terrified of heights!  I did all those things  I let go of all of that fear and allowed myself to live!  Wow!  That's a great reminder!  Let go of fear and let faith take over! That is truly living!

Now for Step Two:  What didn't work for me in 2012?

This one was hard for me at first because I've been struggling with not beating myself up about things, so in an effort to stick to the facts this is pretty short. 

1. I started to avoid exercising by using the excuse that I was too tired and needed more sleep.  

2.  I stopped making lists at school and started living just one day at a time. I'm still a good teacher, but it has made me more stressed out during the week because I have to think more about what I'm teaching the next day.  Hasn't really worked with me desiring less stress in my life. 

3. I worried too much about things that weren't important.

Step 3: What three things did I learn from my wins, and what three things did I learn from my losses?


1.  The biggest thing I learned through all my learning opportunities was that I can't do everything by myself. I particularly learned this at work as I have a few "special students" as I said in my last post.  I get to ask others for assistance, ESPECIALLY my Heavenly Father! Thanks to the enabling power of the Atonement, my Savior can take my Best (even though it isn't always that great) and make it into something stronger and more amazing than I ever imagined!

2.  I learned that loving someone unconditionally doesn't mean accepting and giving into something less than you really want in your life. Sometimes you get to love them without condition, but not let them be in your life...I got to stick to my standards!

3. I also learned that I get to give myself more credit.  I have come SO far!  Sometimes looking ahead at how far I feel I need to go that I forget how far I have come in the 18 months!  I am seriously AMAZING!  I've already succeeded and I can do it again!\

What didn't work:

1.  First I learned that worrying is pointless.  I get overwhelmed and end up doing nothing at all.  I live from day to day and I'm not progressing as I live that way.

2.  I've learned how important studying the Gospel is in my life.  It lifts and inspires, teaches and heals.  I haven't dedicated enough time to it, and I know that as I shift that and be more consistent, LIFE WILL BECOME EVEN MORE THAN I EVER IMAGINED!

3.  I also learned that I spend entirely too much time on social media and such.  I spend time on it to avoid problems and therefore never get much solved.


Please take a moment to comment and share about the things that you have learn in the last year! I've decided to have a drawing for prizes for the people that comment on these goal setting posts.  So stop lurking and get busy! :0)


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