Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Shine Brightly!

I love this song from the lds children's song book called I Am like a Star. The lyrics are as follows:
I am like a star shining brightly,
Smiling for the whole world to see.
I can do and say happy things each day,
For I know Heav'nly Father loves me.

We are all like stars. Blessed with the light of Christ, no one was exempt. This Christmas season, as we focus on the symbols of Christmas and what started Christmas, lets remember to share that light we were blessed with. I know that for me, I have been blessed to have my light rekindled by another's light, so I try to pay it forward and share my light with others. We were brought together for a reason. Heavenly Father knows what he's doing when he brings people into our lives, whether to help us or for us to be his hands in helping others. We are all meant to shine.

Monthly challenge: let your light shine by giving a small act of service as a Christmas gift.  The smallest acts of service tend to make the biggest difference in the life of another. If you are looking for ideas visit Please share with us on Instagram and Facebook using the hashtags 
#sbiamastar #soulfulbsisterhood #soulfulbrillance #sharegoodness.

Challenge for the next 7 days: Write these lyrics down and hang them in a place where you will see them daily. Then, go about your day in a way that shares that light


Sunday, December 14, 2014

He is the gift, He is the Light


 This time of the year it's easy to get wrapped up in the wrapped gifts and the parties. Remembering he is the gift poses as quite a challenge at least for me. When this website was shared with me a few weeks ago it really made me reflect on how I celebrate the season. I would like to offer you the same opportunity as the season is kicking into full swing I challenge you to take a little time to visit and watch this short video. He is the gift my soulful sisters. Let him in and allow his light to heal and lift you through this season and through this next year. 

Monthly challenge: share the gift and the light this season by serving others.


Tuesday, December 9, 2014

You are a Star!


Of all the symbols of Christmas, the Star is one of my favorites.  As I was contemplating the Star this week, I thought of how it did exactly what it was created to to -- IT SHINED!!! All it had to do was be itself, and it led people to Jesus Christ after His birth.  We are just like this star!  

If we allow ourselves to be the person we were created to be and let our Soulful Brilliance shine, we too can lead others to Christ!  One of my favorite Primary songs is called Every Star is different.

"Ev'ry star is diff'rent,
And so is ev'ry child.
Some are bright and happy,
And some are meek and mild.
Ev'ry one is needed 
For just what he can do.
You're the only person
Who ever can be you.

"A shining star, shining brightly,
Not so very far, shining brightly;
Be a shing star.  Shine so brightly;
Shine right where you are, brightly!

"I can shine for others
And let them feel my love, 
Follow the commandments
That come from God above.
I can help another
To learn to choose the right.
Having faith and courage
Will let my star shine bright" 
(Children's Songbook, 142).

Let your star shine bright! Help lead others to Christ by being the you you were created to be!

Our challenge to you this month is to let your light shine by giving a small act of service as a Christmas gift.  The smallest acts of service tend to make the biggest difference in the life of another. If you are looking for ideas visit Please share with us on Instagram and Facebook using the hashtags 
#sbiamastar #soulfulbsisterhood #soulfulbrillance #sharegoodness.


Monday, December 1, 2014

Gratitude For The Season

I am really excited to share on gratitude and blessings today.  It seems that when a topic comes up for discussion, it is usually one I need to work on or have recently had an experience with. Or both.  As we the holidays, our hearts start turning to feelings of gratitude for our families, the Savior, our neighborhood, friends, and everything we have in this life.  We reflect on the stories of our ancestors and their journey to get to a place called Zion along with the stories created with our families today. Although the conditions are a bit different, there is a common denominator and that is gratitude and counting the blessings that surround us.

Now I didn’t say that gratitude and blessing pop out of the ground like daises and come sweat free. When things are going great in my life, I am so thankful for what I have been given.  I have a positive attitude and all is well.  This is what I would think most people would feel like too.  Funny enough though, when things are rock bottom, scary, or too much to handle I start thinking in a similar way. Not necessarily right off the bat but it happens.  I am thankful for the ones I have around me to support me, I am thankful for the power of prayer and priesthood blessings, the love Heavenly Father shows me, and so many other blessings that seem to rush in.

I see those blessings with the highs and lows but sometimes I forget that they are present in the middle are of my life.  The middle for me is a normal day of chasing two four legged fuzz balls around, postponing cleaning as much as I can and then frantically clean before Eddy gets home, running errands, making dinner, and spending time with my amazing husband when he gets home.  With all the hustle and bustle, I often skip over recognizing just how many blessings I have.  I get at least 2-3 miles in just walking to the door to let my indecisive dogs outside or inside, I get to make a mess of the house for no reason and blame it on “reorganizing”, and last but not least I get to stay home and take care of the house while my husband supports our outrageous vet bills and my sewing/fabric addiction.  Ok on a serious note though I am very grateful for him and all that he does to support our family.  There is so much that we can find in the middle days to be grateful for if we just take the time to look for them. 

I want to share a story with you about a man named Henry Glegg Jr.  Henry Clegg Jr. was a finisher. He joined the Church with his family when the first LDS missionaries went to Preston, England. Henry had a view of his destination in his mind as he and his wife, Hannah, and their two young boys immigrated to Utah.

While crossing the plains, Hannah contracted cholera and died. She was laid to rest in an unmarked grave. The company then moved on, and at six in the evening, Henry’s youngest son also died. Henry retraced his steps to Hannah’s grave, placed his young son in his wife’s arms, and reburied the two of them together. Henry then had to return to the wagon train, now five miles away. Suffering from cholera himself, Henry described his condition as being at death’s door while realizing he still had a thousand miles to walk. Amazingly he continued forward, putting one foot in front of the other. He stopped writing in his journal for several weeks after losing his dear Hannah and little son. I was struck with the words he used when he did start writing again: “Still moving.” When he finally reached the gathering place of the Saints, he began a new family. He kept the faith. He continued his story.

The pioneers have a very special place in my heart and as I read their stories, I am filled with gratitude for what they did and the blessings I receive from them making that sacrifice. I am thankful for our Savior and the ultimate sacrifice he made for each one of us so we can return to our Heavenly Father in heaven.  I am so thankful for my sweet Eddy.  One of the biggest blessings in my life was a cold December day last year when we were ceiled for time and all eternity.  I am so blessed to call him mine. Finally. ;)

Monthly Challenge:
As we approach the new topic for the month, yes I’m late on posting but I promise to do better next month, my challenge to you is to post a comment.  Let us know what you think on the topic at hand.  Do you have similar stories that you want to share?  We need the support of each other and that means we need you too. If you need help getting into the comment section email us and we would be happy to walk you through it.  Remember you are important and your thoughts.  Please share.  You never know who needs to hear what you have to say. 

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Gratitude=Intensified Light

This last month has been full of so many new things. I've been so grateful for the focus I've been able to have on the many blessings Heavenly Father has sent my way. I've struggled with a new role in my life that has been something I didn't want to do. I've been trying to look for the blessings and find that as I have done this that perhaps the reason I've been asked to do this is not just for me to grow,but for me to shine my light and lift up more of Heavenly Father's sweet children. Every time I start to feel frustrated about it, I remind myself to be grateful for what I have and for the opportunity to spread His light and assist others in learning of The Gospel of Jesus Christ. 

Gratitude helped me to believe in my role to share the light I have in me. As I've done that, my light has INTENSIFIED to a brightness I haven't seen in a long time. 


I hope this month has been one of being grateful for your blessings and that you have seen how this can intensify the light you hold!


Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Gratitude Can Change Things

I'm late, but here goes. At the start of the month, I started thinking about gratitude and how it has helped me. Life is about the ups and downs, and we can't fully enjoy the good times without knowing the bad. I believe that Heavenly Father has blessed us with a wonderful tool to help us, and it is gratitude. I've witnessed this in my life recently. Since graduating college in May, this stage of life has been a struggle for me. I'm working a part-time job that I don't particularly enjoy. Seems like every better job I apply for, nothing comes from it. Along with other struggles that are helping me to grow. It has been hard to believe that there is a way to reach an up. Heavenly Father has a plan for each of us though, and as long as we are open to his influence, He'll guide us even when it's hard to see.

I was reminded of this as we met together to talk about this month's theme of gratitude. I started looking at if I was finding things to be grateful for, or if I was just focusing on all the things going wrong according to my life plan. I had hoped that my life plan would be working out the way that I always saw it. I decided that I needed to focus more on gratitude in my life. I started focusing on all the skills I am developing because of my job, like operating a backhoe, maintaining vehicles, and other things that could help me to get a job I'd love when the time is right. When I find myself focusing on the downside of things, I try to list 5 things I'm grateful for and it helps me to get into a frame of mind that I am able to feel the boost to reach the upside of things.

This months challenge: Our challenge for you this month is to start a list. Start a list of all the little and big things you have to be grateful for in your life. Post your list somewhere where you can see it frequently and be reminded of all that Heavenly Father blesses you with! If you are feeling very adventurous, post a picture of what you are grateful for on Facebook or Instagram! Use the Hashtags: #soulfulbsisterhood #gratitude
#intensifyyourlight #sharegoodness

Challenge for the next 7 days: Whenever you find yourself down, or struggling, name off 5 things you are grateful for and share your experience with your soulfulbsisterhood.


Saturday, November 8, 2014

Intensify Your Light through Gratitude

I have been really thinking about gratitude in the last few weeks and I think with this being November it's a great time to reignite the light of Gratitude. Holding gratitude for what you have and recognizing the deep lying blessings in your life that your Father in Heaven has given you is the best way to gain more abundance of blessings in your life which in turn allows you to shine, to intensify the light that you have.

I’m always looking for ways to make that bad situation a blessing in disguise. We might not see it right off or it might seem as though the world is against us but all things are for our benefit. So you can choose whether to find the positive that it brings or you can wallow. I’m not saying that you can’t grieve. Grief is an important part of life, no matter how big or how small the trial or bad situation is. I just think it’s a benefit to look at how it could be a blessing. Heavenly father creates perfect things. We might come down here with our Human flaws but he has the perfect path of growth for us. He knows us better than we know ourselves and as we allow him to guide us he will allow us to show our light and greatness.

It’s all about the  ATTITUDE of Gratitude.”

I recently found myself suffering in pain physically and emotionally. I had been feeling a huge lack of abundance in my life so much so that I was laid up in bed for a whole day with excruciating back pain.  I have a lot of tools in my tool belt to assist me in finding relief, but I find as I shift and focus on gratitude the healing is intensified. Through gratitude I’ve been able to find a way to create more of what I want. In this case I have been offered several design jobs in the last few weeks and more opportunities of how I can shift things to save money have come into my space.

GRATITUDE is a doorway.

As we feel gratitude for what we have we open ourselves up to receive more from our Father in Heaven. I know that as I hold an attitude of gratitude I will create more of what I want for my life.

Monthly challenge:  make a list of the things you are grateful for and post it somewhere that you see it often. Like the fridge or your bathroom mirror. Add to it throughout the month and if you’re feeling like sharing you can post a picture of what you’re grateful for to instagram or facebook by using #soulfulbsisterhood #intensifyyourlight #gratitude #sharegoodness

Weekly challenge: write a letter to someone that you are grateful for and give it to them.    

Thursday, November 6, 2014

To Live With Gratitude In Our Hearts = Heaven.

When life is really good and time seems to come to a standstill of goodness I often say, "This is just like Heaven" I want those beautiful overwhelmingly blessed moments in my life on a daily basis. However, I tend to be a very honest person... Let's face the facts here people...moments like that don't just happen. It's an attitude.  This is the time of year when people tend to reflect more frequently upon their blessings and the insurmountable tender mercies from our Heavenly Father.  Yet, it is so easy to become caught up in the things that we don't have and plans that haven't turned. We can become lost, our light can become dim, and we can really feel depressed and take on a "why me" attitude instead of an "attitude of gratitude".
President Monson said, "When we encounter challenges and problems in our lives, it is often difficult for us to focus on our blessings. However, if we reach deep enough and look hard enough, we will be able to feel and recognize just how much we have been given."
My life has been a very REAL challenge this year. Not any overwhelming "bad thing", but every little thing has seemed SO much harder. I feel like it has been never ending problems, yet when I reach deep, and look hard... a change of heart happens.  I think it is best summed up in a recent journal entry- let me share.
"10.28.14- I keep trying to understand why Heavenly Father has me in a particular place in my life. I guess it never occurred to me I don't need to understand- but to have faith that He knows what he is doing and sees a bigger picture. It's been really hard to just be living in a basement apartment but he must know I would fly the coop if I were able and so he made it financially impossible to do so. I find myself tonight so grateful for a loving Heavenly Father who keeps telling me and showing me, "NO! The time is not now." No matter how much I pressure Him. I feel so fortunate to be His daughter and witness His power in my life. One day, I'll look at this trial and say, "Oh my, I didn't get it and you are a very loving Heavenly Father. XOXO- Aly Ann" 
When this happened it was clear to me the blessings of being in my current situation. It didn't feel like a burden or un rewarded effort. I felt so much gratitude for my Heavenly Father, and all those who are in my life helping me and encouraging me. "We can lift ourselves and others as well when we refuse to remain in the realm of negative thought and cultivate within our hearts an attitude of gratitude. If ingratitude be numbered among the serious sins, then gratitude takes its place among the noblest of virtues. My brothers and sisters, to express gratitude is gracious and honorable, to enact gratitude is generous and noble, but to live with gratitude ever in our hearts is to touch heaven. -President Thomas Monson"
To touch Heaven... This is a wonderful season, and yet if you look for the problems of the world and poor circumstances of your life, you are going to find them. "This is a wonderful time to be on earth. While there is much that is wrong in the world today, there are many things that are right and good. There are marriages that make it, parents who love their children and sacrifice for them, friends who care about us and help us, teachers who teach. Our lives are blessed in countless ways. -President Thomas Monson"
I hope that if you are feeling run down, depressed, un loved, maybe even dark and lost, that you can kneel down in prayer and express your feelings to your Heavenly Father. He knows you, He loves you, and He wants you to recognize all the blessings in your life- one by one. Take some time to write down all those blessings that come to your mind this month. Share your feelings of gratitude with others and for others- for the little things they do for you each day.  By doing so I testify that your light will intensify, happiness will abound, and others will be drawn to you and lifted by your example. 
Monthly Challenge: 
Make a list of things you are grateful for and display it where you can see it. Share on social media with hastags #soulfulBsisterhood #intensifyyourlight #gratitude #sharegoodness
Weekly Challenge: 
Kneel down and sincerely ask for Heavenly Father to help you cultivate in your heart and attitude of gratitude. Then more freely express gratitude to others for the blessings they bring to your life. 

XOXO- Alyssa 

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Intensify Your Light with Gratitude!

Sometimes hard things pile up
and dealing with all of it at once
makes me stressed out and just grumpy.
I remember one morning waking up
in a very grumpy mood.
Things were just not going my way that week.
I was tired.
I was tired of being tired.
I got dressed and went to meet
Britt at the gym for our daily workout.
All I did was grumble and complain.
Then my fabulous sister
reminded me of a truth I knew,
but had forgotten.

The best cure for a bad day
or rough trials is GRATITUDE!
She challenged me to fill my
day with gratitude.
Every time I wanted to complain or grumble
I instead expressed gratitude for something
in my life.
At first it was hard,
but as I got farther in the day
my mood got better and better
and by the end of the day
my heart was so full of gratitude
there was no more room
for the yucky thoughts I had been feeling!

It also did something amazing!
I was able to throw out all the yucky thoughts
and be reminded of my 
I could see myself, my life,
and my soul purpose
better than ever!
GRATITUDE helped me to

I know that as each of us
expresses gratitude
we can see ourselves as Heavenly Father sees us.
We can take the light we've begun to see in ourselves,
and INTENSIFY it into something brighter!

In Doctrine and Covenants 78: 19 says,

"And he who recieveth all things with 
thankfulness shall be made glorious;..."

I know the truth of this statement.
The more grateful we are for
the little things we DO have,
the more we are strengthened
to withstand the fiery darts of Satan.
We are also better able to be happy
and joyful in our lives as they are.
One of the most important things
gratitude does for us is help us
see the brilliance and light
that our Heavenly Father
blessed us with.

Dear sisters, I hope and pray
that as you are able to work towards
filling your days with gratitude,
you will remember to be kind to yourself!
As you are more kind to yourself
and express more gratitude,
you will be able to

We may not be perfect,
but that is one of the amazing
things about the Atonement of the Savior.
He will enable us with his Grace
to become strong through our weakness.

I know He loves each of us individually!
I know that as we turn our hearts to thanks,
He will bless us with more than we ever imagined!

November Challenge

Our challenge for you this month is to start a list.
Start a list of all the little and big things
 you have to be grateful for in your life.
Post your list somewhere where you can
see in frequently and be reminded of all that
Heavenly Father blesses you with!
If you are feeling very adventurous,
post a picture of what you are grateful for
 on Facebook or Instagram!
Use the Hashtags:


Monday, November 3, 2014

Don't Quit

This past month had some pretty down to earth situations that we all come in contact with at some point in time and I wanted to share some thoughts on the matter. 

So many times in my life I have been in situations where things are going great and I couldn't ask for more. Then someone comes along and puts me in a position that makes me feel inadequate or incapable of performing to the level I know I can. It's happened in sports, schooling, relationships, and many more areas of my life. Each time I listen to what they say and it eventually takes hold of my beliefs and makes me feel less than I am. But that stops now and not just for me but for all of us.

 There is always going to be that one person in your life that will make/has made you feel miserable in the past, present, and/or future. They are going to try and snuff your light out because they don't want you to shine. Don't let them! You are amazing and your light needs to be seen and felt. You have so much to offer this world just by being you. You don't have to be a supermodel, a stay at home mom, a businesswoman, the craftiest girl on the block, or whatever is the "popular thing". You be the woman that God created you to be and use what he gave you to shine brighter than the sun. Don't know what your talents, special qualities, or amazing gifts are? All you need to do is pray to your loving Heavenly Father and he will help you not only recognize your talents but provide opportunities to use them. 

There will always be people that will try to put out your light but nothing rings truer than what Elder Holland said in a previous conference talk. "Don't you quit. You keep walking. You keep trying. There is help and happiness ahead" (October 1999). 

My challenge is to come out of the darkness. Come out from behind those false statements and thoughts that people have said to you or about you. Let yourself shine and don’t be afraid of what they will say. You have the Lord on your side and that is more than enough to rise above any adversity.  I know that you are amazing and will do great things.  And if you fall... "Don't you quit. You keep walking. You keep trying. There is help and happiness ahead." -Elder Holland.