Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Goal Setting - Part I

(adapted from President Uchtdorf's Talk here)

Hope you had a happy New Year!
With this new beginning many of us sit down and make new goals and resolutions for the next year.
I've been spending a lot of time this last week looking back at 2012 and working on my goals for 2013.
It's got me all excited for the new year ahead!
I'm about to share my process of goal setting, so take out your journals and get ready for some fun!
I'm also desiring some action and comments here on the blog, so if you are one of the many people (We just passed 1,100 hits this week) who are reading this and have been a lurker (a person who looks, but does not participate:0)), lurk no more! Share your stories and successes so others can be inspired by you!

Step the First:
What were your wins in 2012?
 What worked for you?  What were your successes?  What are you most grateful for?  Some people might think that this has nothing really to do with making New Year's resolutions, but we truly need to CELEBRATE all of the good things that happened in our journeys this past year.  When we do we are attracting more positive things into our lives!  Plus, it's a good reminder of how blessed you truly are! As I've been working on this I made a goal of writing down at least 30 wins I've had in the last year.  At first it was hard and was big things like starting Soulful Brilliance and running three half marathons.  I got about five big things written down and then I was stumped!  I then took a look at my 2012 journals and started remembering more of the little things I could write down as wins.  Finding my cat Binx, spending fun time with my nieces, riding a horse all by myself, snowboarding for the first time, rock climbing for the first time....and so much more!  2012 was a good learning process for me, and I've been grateful for the chance to go back and take a look at how far I've truly come!  

Step the First challenge for you:  Write down at least 30 wins or things you are grateful for from 2012.  Share them in the comments below so we can CELEBRATE with you! :0)

Step the Second:
What didn't work for you in 2012? 

Be honest, but don't beat yourself up about it. Just stick to the facts!  In the words of a friend of mine, "The past is just that...the past." You have a soulful brilliance, a greatness, inside that makes you...you.  We need to acknowledge what didn't work for us last year so we can create and even more amazing year in 2013.  For me some of these things were avoiding exercising and making lists at work and then not using them to use my time wisely. Doing this gave me some good ideas for new goals.

Step the Second challenge:  Write down what didn't work for you in 2012, sticking to the facts.

So let's get busy and don't forget to share!  
Check back tomorrow for steps three and four!


*I've pulled my steps of goal writing from many different mentors and sources.  Check out their websites: Making Things Happen, Tiffany Peterson, Ann Webb and  Marci Lock.  Big thanks to them and their assistance in my growth process!

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