Tuesday, September 3, 2013

the truth about me...surrender

Have you ever had one of those times in your life
when you have this genius idea to do something
that is pretty involved,
and after you get going other things come
into your life that have a higher priority than
your first genius idea, so your genius idea
takes a back seat?
That's what happened to me and
the Truth About Me Challenge.
The truth about me is
that I choose to prioritize and
sometimes that means putting
some things on the back burner for a little while. :0)
But I'm back and ready to get going again!
About the time I wrote my last post about patriarchal blessings,
Britt and I were talking about how there were some
situations in our lives that we wanted to let go
of the worry and fear that surrounded them.
We wanted to surrender to them and just let them
unfold as Heavenly Father wanted them to
so we could learn what he wanted to teach us.
We got together one afternoon and wrote
what we were surrendering to on some balloons
and let them go outside.
I've done this surrender exercise many times,
but this time was just different.
I was just totally and completely ready
to let go of my worries and fears
in a way I'd never been before.
Watching them float away was freeing!

 Now every time I begin to worry or stress
about those situations I remind myself
that I surrendered that to my Heavenly Father.
I get to have faith that my Father in Heaven
will lead me on the path that is best for my life.
The path that will lead me to my best and brightest self!
The path that will teach me all I need to learn
before I return to live with Him!
Recently I was studying the Book of Mormon
and came across this scripture,
"For they became a righteous people;
they did lay down the weapons of their rebellion,
that they did not fight against God any more..."
As I applied this scripture to my own life,
I realized that there are many times and situations
where I am holding a weapon of rebellion.
Sometimes inactivity.
Sometimes not remembering
to do the little daily things that would help me.
Sometimes pride.
Heavenly Father has been standing there
waiting for me to put down those weapons
and allow Him to bless me.
I get to stop fighting his plan for me and
submit fully to His will.
As I did just that two months ago,
I have been immeasurably blessed!
I can't even begin to tell you about all
the happiness, hope and love
that have come into my life
just in that short amount of time.
I'm learning and growing in ways
that I never imagined I would!
I used to wonder and worry about why
I was having to wait for some of my prayers to be answered.
I've learned that
surrendering or submitting to our Heavenly Father's will
doesn't guarentee quick answers to our prayers.
Sometimes we get to wait.
Heavenly Father might have other purposes to fulfill.
Maybe we get to wait to build our faith
and to learn eternal truths that we later get to share with
others who come into our lives.
One of my favorite quotes from Neal A. Maxwell is this,
"Faith in God includes faith in His timing."
He knows us and our situations individually.
He knows what will best help us to learn and
grow into the people we need to be.
Sometimes waiting can be hard,
but we are being prepared for our future,
and eventually we will be blessed beyond
anything we have ever imagined!
The past few weeks I've been reminded
that I've been prepared for the things happening
in my life right now.
My Heavenly Father has blessed me
with so much and now I get to share
my knowledge and testimony with others,
so they too can find the path
Heavenly Father intended for them!
It's an awesome thing to be
able to be an instrument in God's hands!
I am so thankful for all the challenges
I've had in my life!
They have shaped and molded me
into the person He needs me to be.
They have also brought me to
this amazing place in my life
where I get to enjoy so many blessings
that my cup is just flooding!
I know that we are all cherished children
of our Heavenly Father.
He has a purpose and a plan for our lives.
All we need to do is to come to him with
a broken heart and a contrite spirit,
and He will guide us in our path!
Remember that