Friday, March 14, 2014

From the Mouths of Kids: Fables in Action

Recently in my second grade classroom we have been reading and discussing fables.  In case you don't know fables are short stories that end with a moral that teaches a lesson.  One of my favorite fables is called The Stonecutter. It is about a stonecutter who sees a prince and wishes he was a prince because a prince was more powerful than a stonecutter.  A god hears the stonecutter's wish and turns him into a prince.  He's happy at first, but soon realizes that the sun is more powerful than a prince.  He wishes to be the sun.  His wish is granted.  The story continues on with the man wanting to always be something more powerful.  After the sun, it is clouds.  After clouds, a mountain.  When he becomes the mountain, the god can do no more for him.  He feels like he's the most powerful being in the least until he feels something tapping on his side.  He finds a stonecutter chipping away at him.  He realizes too late that he was the most powerful being his authentic self.

When I asked my seven and eight year old students what lesson they got from that story, they had some pretty awesome answers.  Then I called on one last kiddo.  What she said was a powerful reminder to me.  It was definitely one of those tender mercies.  And who better to give me that message through than a child! She said, "Even when bad things happen, you should be grateful to be you and remember that you're still powerful."  I was blown away with her answer.  I loved being able to take that opportunity to have my students remind me of something I had forgotten.  It was also fun to talk to them about how they are powerful being themselves.

Sometimes in our lives, we have rough days or months or years, but we need to remember and never forget that we were created with special "powerful" gifts that are ours to use. When we can follow in our Savior's steps and grow closer to him, we will shine with the light of Christ and be able to identify and live in our SOULFUL BRILLIANCE! I know this to be true!  As I look back at the path I have taken in my life the last three years, I can see the evidence of this in my life.  At the beginning I was feeling lost and on a dark path of self destructive behaviors. Heavenly Father helped me find the help and tools I needed to learn of him and of my own powerful divine nature. He helped me learn to shift my limiting beliefs to empowering beliefs, which freed me to love myself and better love and serve others. I am so grateful for this gift of love! It has truly transformed my life! This week my heart is so full of gratitude for the little reminders the Lord sends me to remind me of my worth when I have momentarily forgotten. I am truly blessed!

I hope and pray that you too can find the truth about yourself and feel the unconditional love our Heavenly Father has for you.  He hears your prayers and will answer them!  It might not be right away, but he will answer them.  He loves you! 


Wednesday, March 5, 2014


Everyday I get to work and I open a new post for this blog.  Just in case I happen to have any moments of inspiration throughout the day.  Obviously it doesn't happen often, but every once in a while the words come. Today I don't really have many words, but I do want to remind you and myself of something important.

Sometimes life comes at us. Heavenly Father is piling on the learning experiences.  Sometimes we question why everything seems to be happening to us.  Sometimes we get overwhelmed by it all.  Sometimes we stop believing in ourselves and go back to our old limiting beliefs.  Sometimes we want to give up. Sometimes we think we've got it all figured out and something new pops in to challenge us. Sometimes we wonder if we're good enough.  Sometimes we feel like a failure and don't want to even try because we aren't going to succeed anyway. Sometimes we pray and we pray and we pray, but we can't find any answers.  We know we need something.  We know eventually it will all be okay, but right now. Right now. Right now it feels so overwhelming and impossible and tiring.

Here are some things I've been working on recently that have helped me with my overwhelm:
  • Turn complaining into prayers! A couple of weeks ago I was at Time Out for Women in Layton and the topic of complaining came up in the last couple of talks. I found it quite funny as I've been doing a lot of complaining lately.  One of the speakers, Kris Belcher, said instead of just complaining we should add a few words before we start "Dear Heavenly Father." He loves us so much and knows what we are going through. He wants us to tell him all about it.  He wants to listen! It's an amazing action step that can help change your perspective and you get the chance to talk to your Father!

  • Count your blessings!  Name them one by one.  The Lord is blessing you and many times we don't see it until we are still and take a good look around.  I'm so grateful to have an amazing family that supports me in all the crazy things I decide to do.  I'm so grateful for a job where I can earn money and help other people learn and grow.  I am very grateful to have myhandsomeguywiththekillersmile in my life. He shows me that he loves me even when I'm not at my best, and he supports and encourages me in everything I do. (Only 24 more days!  Yay!)

  • Study the Gospel! The scriptures and talks from General Authorities are amazing tools to use in finding peace and answers to prayers. When you are actively searching for peace and answers to prayers by studying the Gospel, you are showing Heavenly Father your willingness to find answers and peace.

  • Go to the temple! Temples are a little piece of Heaven here on earth.  I can't even tell you the peace and comfort I feel when I am able to spend time in the temple. Last week after having a really rough week, I finally had the chance to go to a session at the Logan Utah Temple. It was the first time in about six weeks that I had been. The me that walked in and the me that walked out felt like totally different people.  I didn't receive any big revelations, but I did get to take a break from the world, from Satan pounding at me. I got to sit and be still. I got a break from everything that had seemed so overwhelming. It made all the difference!  Even if you don't have a current temple recommend, you can still go enjoy the temple grounds. There have been many times when I haven't had the time to go inside to do some work, but I have had a few minutes to just go and sit and soak in the peace being on the grounds provided me. I know that as we work on consistently spending time at the temple, we will see a marked difference in our lives!

  • Find ways to serve others! One amazing way to feel better is to find ways to serve others! Getting outside ourselves and helping others in their struggles is a perfect way to forget about the trying times in our lives! Not to mention the blessings we receive as we serve!  Try it!
Whatever the learning experiences in your life may be, try some of these things.  Also ask yourself what has helped you in the past. You've been through hard things before and come off conqueror! You can do it again with His help!

 Remember that Heavenly Father has perfect faith in you and knows you will learn and grow in your trials.  He knows that you need these experiences to become the person you came here to become. Remember that "Faith in God includes faith in His timing" (Neal A. Maxwell). You can do it!

Meg :0)

P.S. Apparently I have more to say than I thought! LOL