Thursday, January 17, 2013

Goal Setting Part III: Joy!

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Here comes one of my favorite parts of the goal setting process!
Sit down and make a list of at least 30 things that bring you joy!
My Making Things Happen friends call this "What fires me up!"
This part of the process is important because we all have days
where we feel like we don't want to accopmlish things.
If we don't choose to feel joy in our journey each day, we can end up miserable and not getting anything accomplished. So this is a list of things you can do to choose to have joy and to get through the tough times!
It's SO important to take care of yourself and be sure to feed your soul so you are better able to lift and assist others!
Here are some things on my Joy List:
1.  Feasting on the scriptures
2.  Laughing with my nieces
3.  Pushing myself at the gym
4. Being in nature
5.  Bubble baths
6. Curling up with my cat and reading a book
7.  Spending time with Britt
8.  Spending time with Beth
9. Snowboarding
10. Going for a walk
11. Reading a book out in the sun
12.  ACTION!
13. Praying with real intent
14. Learning something new
15.  Spending time with my family
16. Fresh flowers
17. Writing with purpose
18. Glitter
19. Bonfires
20.  Vision
21. Dancing and singing at the top of my lungs
22.  Having a breakthrough moment with friends
23.  Fireflies
24. Choosing to do that thing I fear
25.  Be still and listen
26. Stretching
27. Kittens
28.  waterfalls
29. Cuddling
30.  Looking at the stars

What brings you joy?  What fires you up?  Write a list of at least 30 things and then choose to do something each day to feel joy!  Please share some in the comments below so we can give others some ideas!  Remember that if you comment you will be put into a drawing to win some prizes!


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