Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Just Give it to Him

Excerpt from my new blog uncoveringstrength.com.

Today I'm grateful for...

I am so grateful for this book!
I love all of Emily's books,
but this one is my all time favorite!
I was just telling My Handsome Guy
how it was a tender mercy and a little
bit of Grace for me to get it the way I did
and at the time I did.
It came into my life at a time
when I needed the messages it shares.
It came into my life at a time
when my family needs it too.
It was a little reminder that
heaven hasn't forgotten me.

I just finished reading it,
and now I'm going back through it and
studying it with My Handsome Guy.
I'm so excited to work on making
our home a more Christ-centered place.
A place where it doesn't matter if He
showed up on our doorstep without
warning and wanted to come in.
We'd invite Him in without hesitation.

The Word...

Matthew 11:28-30
"Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest unto your souls. For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light."

What I wrote below reminded me of this scripture.
When we're feeling loaded down with so many cares
we can't see the end, He is there.
He's asking us to let Him help you
carry the burden.
I think I often forget to share it with Him.
I forget to have faith
and rely on my own strength
to make it through the trials and challenges of life.
It's when I rely on the Lord's strength and His yoke
that I truly find rest in soul.
I truly feel lighter and happier.
He loves us so much!
He'll do anything for us!
Except deny us our agency.
We still get to choose.
When I run into a wall or
have an obstacle in front of me.
When I'm feeling burdened down
by my learning experiences (trials).
I'm choosing to remember to share
my burden with Him and
rely on His strength to help me get through.
What will you choose?

On my heart...

Today I've watched my sweet L 
cart around this arch thing
that attaches to her Minnie Mouse Chair.
It goes over the chair and has toys
hanging down for her to play with 
while she sits there.
She keeps trying to crawl around
with it and pull herself up on things
while she's holding it.
She's been very frustrated
and whiny about it.
I keep trying to help her
and get her to just let go,
but all she does is cry harder.

It got me thinking about myself.
Am carting around something that
I think I love and getting 
frustrated when it's keeping me from
doing things that I want to do?
Is the Lord watching me,
telling me to just let go and
I'll be able to accomplish more?
Wow, just had a thought.
He's not just telling me to let go;
He's asking me to give it to Him.
What do I need to let go of or
give to Him so I can truly
uncover strength?

The first thing I think of
is my phone and all my social media.
I spend way too much time on Facebook
looking at useless things that don't really help me.
I've already had plenty of times 
when I make a goal to not be on it
so much.  I've even deleted the app
from my phone several times.
Lately though I've been attached to it again.
I'm sure Heavenly Father really is sitting
there waiting for me to just get off my phone
so He can help me find the help and strength
I need to make it through this time in my life.
So I'm saying good-bye to my excessive social media use.
I wrote a social media mission statement to help me with this. 

"I use my social media with intention to love
and glorify God and to serve others."

I'm going to put that somewhere I can see it often
to remind myself what I'm using SM for!
I'm going to make it a goal to not be on any SM after 6 p.m.
and I'm going to be doing #socialmediafreeweekend s.
The only thing I'm not including in this is
posting my #uncoveringstrength posts everyday.

Whew! What a goal. 
It's totally doable and I've done it many
times.  I just get to step back into that choice!

I'm sure there is more that I'm holding on to.
Stuff that is deeper than social media.
I know I get to spend some time uncovering
the truth of those things,
and being on SM less will give 
me more time to delve into it!

Thank you Heavenly Father for this lesson!

God is good! He is in the details of our lives!