Tuesday, September 25, 2012


After working with and listening to many people,
I have found that there are basically three limiting beliefs
that people have about themselves that hold them back from
finding and living in their Soulful Brilliance.
1.  I am not beautiful enough.
2.  I am not good enough.
3.  I am not worthy enough.
Where do we get these beliefs? 
Why are they constantly bombarding our minds?
How do we shift them?
 My friend Marci always tells us that we believe 80% of what we tell ourselves
and only 20% of what others tell us.
Our thoughts are very powerful!
What do you say to yourself?

When I first started learning about this, I came across a scripture
found in The Book of Mormon.
"But this much I can tell you,  that if you do not watch yourselves,
and your thoughts and your words, and your deeds,
...even unto the end of your lives, ye must perish.
And now, O man, remember, and perish not." (Mosiah 4:30)

Usually when I thought of this scripture, I would think about
keeping my mind clean from inapropriate media, books, etc.
as well as being kind to others,
but I found that it goes much deeper than that. 
It also had to do with what I believed and thought about myself.

As I went through different experiences in life,
I formed different beliefs about myself and the world.
Beliefs that held me back from living in my Soulful Brilliance.
I realized that if I continued down that path
I would not only be miserable and unhapy,
I would perish spiritually.

Our spirits are connected to our thoughts and actions
and by putting ourselves down and not allowing
our Soulful Brilliance to come out,
we miss opportunities to live the life which
our Heavenly Father sent us here to live.cfn
When we miss out on those things, we are disconnected from Him
and are not able to see and develop the divine that is within us.
We are His children, and we carry His spiritual DNA inside of us!
He wants us to succeed and to assist others who come into our space.

If we are divine beings, why are many of us constantly
telling ourselves that we're not good enough,
beautiful enough, worthy enough?
I believe that Satan, the Father of Lies, is doing his best
to make sure that we don't live in our greatness.
If we live in our greatness, our potential to do good
and to assist others in living in their greatness
And he wouldn't want that. 
It would screw up his plan to make sure
we are as miserable and unhappy as he is.

We can't let him win!
We need to have more faith in ourselves. 
More faith in the greatness our Heavenly Father blessed us with.
He loves us SO much! 
He just wants us to succeed in life and be happy!
Each of us has been given special gifts, unique to us.
As we develop those gifts and use them in the service of others,
we will find TRUE joy and happiness in life.
And who doesn't want to be happy!

So...the question remains, how do we shift those beliefs?
Well, the first step is being aware when we are thinking those things.
Catch yourself saying them.
Remind yourself of your greatness and divinity!

One exercise I do that helps me with this is what I call a Mirror Exercise.
I believe I have already shared this in an earlier post,
but I'll share it again.  It is very powerful!
I learned it from Tiffany Peterson. 
Each night I stand in front of my mirror and talk to myself.
Yes, I talk to myself.  Outloud.
I look myself in the eyes and I do several things.
First I praise myself for the accomplishments of the day,
even if it is something as silly sounding as breathing in and out.
Next I speak some affirmations to myself. 
Some of my typical affirmations include:
I am worthy and deserving!
I am enough!
I forgive myself!
I allow myself to receive!
I trust myself!
I am perfect, whole and free!
I attract healthy relationships full of love and support!
I open my heart and allow wonderful things to flow into my life!
I am strong!
The last thing I tell myself is "I love you!"

When I first started, I almost felt like I was lying to myself.
But as I kept doing it little by little I began to believe myself
until I knew that the statements I was telling myself were true.
I believed in myself and my greatness!

Do you believe in yourself?
What thoughts can you shift?

My challenge to you:
Each night this week spend a few minutes doing the mirror exercise.
Don't for get to look yourself in the eyes and talk to yourself outloud!
Remember the divinity you have inside and let it shine for all the world to see.

Check back on Thursday for more on shifting your limiting beliefs!