Friday, May 30, 2014


Surrendering our lives to God
doesn't just happen once and
we're done learning that lesson.
It's learning to surrender
to Him and His plans for us constantly.
Lately I've had the opportunity to work some more
on surrendering things to God. 
It's caused me to do some thinking...
What if I can do something about it?
My learning experience right now is
something I can do something about.
I can act instead of sitting around and waiting
for the problem to magically solve itself.
How much of surrender is doing nothing?
How much of surrender is doing everything you
can to work on a solution to the problem
even if it is just a small action?

Heavenly Father had an answer for me!
Surrendering isn't finding a solution
for your own problems.
Surrendering is asking God what his
solution is for your problems.

For me it was a loud resounding,
"Something else is more important! 
So stop worrying so much about this problem and 
focus on the more important thing!"
I'm so thankful for an old friend
who was an answer to my prayers
and helped me receive my answer.
You never know when you can help
answer someone else's prayer,
so listen to the spirit and remember
to always listen to and follow
it's promptings!

So that's what I'm doing.
Focusing on the more important 
thing in my life this summer.
Rewriting my book.
When I finished with the first draft
(a whole year ago),
something was missing.
It didn't feel finished.
So many blessings and tender mercies
have come to me this past year and I now
feel that I can truly write
the words Heavenly Father 
needs for me to share with others.

I'm so grateful for all the many 
blessings I enjoy in my life.
I have an amazing husband,
a house to live in,
a supportive loving family,
and so much more!
I often stop and feel so amazed
 at my beautiful magnificent life!