Thursday, October 18, 2012


Hey friends! 
Just a quick note!
I took action today and conquered one of my fears.
Yes riding horses scared me,
but I decided that I was going to embrace the courage.
I got on and just decided I was confident.
I an so glad I took action!
I can't wait to do it again!

What have you been doing to take action?
Comment below or e-mail
Share! Share! Share!
You could inspire someone else to have COURAGE!

M :0)

Saturday, October 13, 2012


Ever had a time in your life when you felt discouraged about your life?
Knowing that you can do so much, but being afrad to do it?
Well, this last few months I have been struggling with that fear.
I keep asking myself why I have gotten so off track.
I know so many tools to help myself create my best life.
There was a simple answer...I've been letting my fears paralyze me.
Today I had a little inspiration come to me!
Let me share it with you :0)
How do you find your Soulful Brilliance and live the life you desire?
If all you do is wish.
If all you do is dream.
If all you do is think about what you want.
You will get nowhere.
You will feel stuck in life.
You will be unhappy, miserable, and depressed.
The key is to ACT!
Learn to have faith in and trust in yourself and your Father in Heaven.
Feel your fear and acknowledge it, but push through it and move on!
Move.  Act.  Take a step in the direction you want to go.
Remember even small steps mean you are moving!
It can feel terrifying at walk a new path.
To leave the comfortable, familiar path you know.
Put one foot in front of the other!
You may fall, but you can get back up and move on.
You may come across an obstacle, but you can find away to go around it.
Just keep moving!
Before you know it you're walking faster.
You are walking with confidence and power.
 You are radiating love and light. 
As you embrace this and move forward
with integrity and authenticity,
your purpose becomes clear!
Does it happen all at once? No!
It comes a little at a time.
A step at a time.
Along the way you find and old friend you had forgotten,
The light and divine potential that you always have carried inside!
You find the courage to walk despite your fear.
You find that Heavenly Father has always been leading you in your path.
He has always been walking right next to you.
Encouraging you.
Pleading with you to find your gifts and use them to help others.
Smiling when you discovered all you can do!
Fear will paralyze you,
But if you ACT you will find
ACTION will take you to where you want to go!
So what are you waiting for?
Meg ;0)

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Always Believe

It's a wonderful word.
Believe means "to be love."
So when we believe in ourselves,
we love ourselves!
Shifting our limiting beliefs about ourselves,
is the next step in our journey.
Over the last week or two, we have become more aware of our limiting beliefs.
Now let's talk about how we can shift them to be EMPOWERING beliefs.
Are you ready with your journal?
Look back at your list of beliefs and choose one.
Write it at the top of a page.
Now, whenever we believe a thought,
will be consequences, costs or pain
in believing those thoughts.
So next on the page make a list of
all the consequences, costs or pain
that you have when you live with that belief.
For instance, a belief that I sometimes struggle with is
I can't be myself because I'm not perfect and others won't accept me.
The consequences, costs, and pain 
I wrote down on my paper are:
-I don't treat myself well and by doing this give others permission to not treat me well.
-I feel depressed, tired, sluggish, and old.
-I am disconnected from my Heavenly Father when I don't feel worthy and struggle doing the little things to keep His Spirit with me.
-I spend a lot of money on clothes that fit, self-help books (that don't really help), and candy and junk to eat when I feel all those negative feelings.
-Ultimately  I will fall into a downward spiral and never have the peace and happiness that my Heavenly Father wants to bless me with.
Now ask yourself if the belief is true and write down
evidence from your life that shows that it is not true.
(You did this last week when first writing down beliefs.)
So I wrote this, "I am a beautiful daughter of God.  My old body was the creation of my insecurities and untrue beliefs as I would eat to fill a negative feeling.  Heavenly Father doesn't make ugly things!  I am worth a lot to Him!  My Savior suffered and paid the price for my sins as well as my afflictions, heartches and pains.  I'm so important to Him, so I should value myself as He values me."
After writing all this down I made a commitment to change.
NOW is the time to change!!
First I got to accept that a part of me
doesn't accept myself and that I am the perfect me I can be.
Then I got to write down some new empowering beliefs:
-I am a beautiful, amazing woman capable of hard things and worth more than rubies.
-I am worthy and deserving!
-I love myself!
Write down your new empowering beliefs!
CHOOSE to stop living in fear,
and have faith!
REMEMBER Satan doesn't want you to accomplish
all the amazing wonderful things that you are capable of!
He is the one who is feeding you these limiting beliefs.
All Heavenly Father wants is for you to love and trust in His plan for you.
One of my favorite scriptures is found in 2 Timothy 1:7,
"For God hath not given use the spirit of fear;
but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.
If we are living in fear we aren't living in faith  As we learn of and embrace the power and love Heavenly Father placed within us, and as we recognized the we have an intelligent mind that can assist us in making wise decisions we truly begin living in faith.  when fear shows up in our lives we are able to say, "Father, I have faith that you will guide me in my life."  With a prayer in our hearts, we can recognize our fear for what it is: 1) Satan trying to get us off our path, or 2) Heavenly Father trying to guide us to our path.  We shift that fear into faith because we know and understand that we are powerful divine beings, full of love and possessed of a sound mind that is able to recieve revelation and knows that our lives are truly in the Lord's hands.  As we live righteously doing all things He would have us do, He will assist us in our path, helping us through trials, guiding us to others that need our specific gifts and talents to help them in their lives.
True faith includes faith in ourselves as children of a Loving, Merciful Heavenly Father!
He gives us unique talents and gifts so we can bless the lives of others, which will also bless us with peace, joy and freedom.  He gave us power, love and a sound mind to assist us in fulfilling the measure of our creation. We are divine beings full of Love and Truth.  If we truly believe this NOTHING can stop us from doing the Lord's work.
Remember to BELIEVE IN YOURSELF (love yourself)!
Meg :0)
Please share your thoughts and comments below or email them to me at
Maybe your story will help someone else find the courage to live in their SOULFUL BRILLIANCE!

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Orchestrate Your Own Happiness!

Out in the world many people are out to find
the secret of living a happy life.
What if I told you that YOU are that secret?

You are the one who
decides if you will be happy or not.
I can hear some of you saying,
"But life is so hard and
I'm not happy!"

Well, let's go back to our beliefs that we wrote down on Thursday.
One that I have struggled with is "I'm not good enough."
How do you feel when you believe those things?
When I believe I am not good enough, I feel depressed and
like I can't do anything right.
How do you act when you believe that thought?
I would just not do things at all because then I couldn't fail.

Look at your life and see what you do to prove your beliefs to be right.
I have noticed in my life that
because I am focused on those thoughts and beliefs
I almost attract those types of situations and people
into my life, and I would then say to myself,
"See!  It's true! I'm not good enough/I can't trust people!"
I also would interpret situations and people's intentions
in a way to fit them into proving to myself that my beliefs were true.
Lastly, I would make decisions and
act in a way that supported those beliefs.

Did I consciously realize I was doing those things?
Sometimes, but until I really started paying attention
I didn't realize how often I did it.
I was telling myself a story about the
people and situations that came into my life.
A story that often wasn't true, but it proved my beliefs right,
so I kept on telling myself the same old story.

I reached a point where I had a choice.
It's the same choice you have right now!

Are you going to keep living with those beliefs that make you unhappy?
Or will you choose to shift those beliefs to create a life of joy, peace, and freedom?

If you would like to stick with those limiting beliefs
that are stealing your joy,
you can stop reading now and find something else to do.
If you are choosing to shift those limiting beliefs into
positive empowering beliefs, CONGRATULATIONS!
You have taken the first step to living your life!

Now you're probably asking,
"Okay, Meg.  Now what!"

Here's my challenge for today:

Pay attention to your thoughts today.
See how many times you have a negative thought.
A thought that proves one of your limiting beliefs is true.
Ask yourself if that thought is true.
What would you be feeling and doing if
you didn't have that thought?
Record your thoughts and feelings in your journal.

Check back tomorrow at 2:00 p.m.
for more on shifting beliefs!

Meg :0)

P.S. A good book to read:
"Loving What Is: Four Questions That Can Change Your Life" by Byron Katie

Thursday, October 4, 2012

What do you believe?

 Photo: Love this from @ project forgive
Hello!  It's Thursday! 
 (Yes, I'm aware that when I wrote before
Thursday was actually two days after I posted,
 but today is Thursday! :0) ) 
How are you doing with the mirror exercises? 
Anyone have a story they'd like to share?
Comment below or e-mail me at
So let's take a moment to think about the beliefs
we hold about ourselves, life, people, and the world. 
In your journal or on a piece of paper
finish the following sentences with as many answers as you can.
Don't hold back, just write down the first things that come to mind.
I am:
Life is:
People are:
The world is:
Look at your list of beliefs.
When I first did this, all of my beliefs were pretty negative.
Now there are also a lot of positive things that I believe about
myself, life, people, and the world too.
Ask yourself a few questions and write down your answers:
What things in your life can you find that show that
your negative beliefs about yourself aren't true?
What things can you find that show your negative
beliefs about life aren't true?
What about people?
The world?
I'm going to do this as well.
Let's meet back here on Saturday to see what we learned:0)
I am committed to posting again on Saturday by 11:00 a.m.
We'll discuss how to shift our beliefs
so we can live in our soulful brilliance!
If you would like to share an ah-ha you had doing this
journal writing, please comment below or e-mail me at