Monday, October 20, 2014

More Light

"You know, you do a disservice to all the women around you by doing so much. You know that you make them feel inadequate as they try to measure up to you." Those words were spoken to me as I sat waiting for church to start. He was only trying to encourage me to slow down and take care of myself, but those words hurt, and they made me want to dim my light and hold back from sharing the talents I have to bless the lives of others. They also fueled my post, something I was waiting for my Heavenly Father to help me with all week. 
I used to be in the same boat as many of you. I thought my talents had to be seen to be "talents". I thought if I wasn't the best pianist, singer, or some other showy talent, I had no talents. Divinely this is just NOT the case. Our loving Heavenly Father has placed in each of us talents that are worth so much MORE than we can understand, and talents that he uses to direct his work. 
I happen to pray for a few things nearly every day. Yes it's kind of routine in word but extremely heartfelt and pure, and I feel it's the reason I even exist. I pray that I can listen to the spirit and act promptly, that I can find those people in my life who need to feel his love, and that I can be His hands and serve those who are asking for his help. 
He answers my prayers because I have been blessed with being able to use my talents to be His hands countless times.(which others may see as doing "too much") I go and do what the spirit prompts me to do, I serve with all my mind, might, and heart, and I have watched miracles happen as I have been allowed to use my talents in a way He directs and desires.
It's not that I am trying to "do a disservice" to those women around me, or make them feel "inadequate". It is that I have realized the talents my Heavenly Father has given me and I have gone to work! It is amazing what we are able to accomplish as women when we ask for His help. We can DO SO MUCH MORE when we shine our light and use our talents. Truth is our Heavenly Father needs us to use those talents that is why he has given them to us.
Kenneth Kope's More Lyrics are perfect for this week as we think of what MORE we could do with our talents. Even better if you have the time, listen to it HERE. It's powerful. (I'll post the lyrics at the end of the post)

I know it feels at times that we have nothing MORE to give. That we can do no MORE. I testify that as we use our God given talents, and pray that we might be His hands, we will be the cause of much goodness-even miracles. By shining our lights, and with His help, we can do so much MORE in bringing the light to others. 

With Love, 

Monthly challenge: work on recognizing your light. Write down the talents that you have put it up on your wall or mirror so you see it every day.  Add to your list throughout the month as you recognize your light.

Weekly challenge: Get on your knees, and with your list of talents tell Heavenly Father you want to do MORE with them, ask that you might be His hands and be led to those who need your light.

More steady, more sure
More trusted, more pure
Some say it doesn’t matter
More trained and more aware
More aim to get me there
I climb this far
You raise the bar
You want my heart

More fierce desire
To stand against the wind
More blazing fire
When dark is closing in
More love inspired change within
So there’s more and more of me to give

More words to learn and know
More etched upon my soul
Some say it doesn’t matter
More tried, more true
Less me, and much more You
I stretch this tall
You sound the call
You want my all
You keep reaching out—You’re calling out to me for
More strengthened shoulders
To face the war with sin
More wise and bolder
To save the souls of men
A more faithful soldier to the end
You want more and more of me to give
More and more of me to give

More love, more light, more purpose, more serve with all my might
I need more hope, more faith, more patience, each day I pray for more
More and more of me to give
More fire, more zeal, more spirit to know what’s real
More courage, more joy, more, more and more of me to give
More grateful, more true, more humble to trust and do
You call, I hear
I’ll walk the path that’s set in stone
My heart is fixed on getting home
And what on earth could ever matter more?
More and more of me to give

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