Saturday, October 11, 2014

Let your light so shine

This month is about recognizing our light. When it comes to recognizing my light I feel like it is a continuing growth process. I found that growth process accelerated about 2 years ago as I surrounded myself with like minded people. As I chipped away at the layers of caked on mud some brilliant light began to shine.  I became aware of my talents and how my light was showing up for me and others around me. I know now that to recognize and use my light is to recognize and honor my Father in Heaven. I have also found that as I hold gratitude for my talents I’m able to stretch and grow new talents.
My Father in Heaven wants me to share and stretch my light and as I do he will use my talents to touch and serve others. You never know how you will serve others as you recognize your light. The Lord wants us to rediscover our divine light because as we do we become valuable instruments in his hands to share and spread his light.   

Monthly challenge: work on recognizing your light. Write down the talents that you have put it up on your wall or mirror so you see it every day.  Add to your list throughout the month as you recognize your light.

Weekly challenge: allow yourself to just say thank you. Don’t try and weasel your way out of the complement just simply say thank you. It will change you I promise that you will recognize more of the light within you as you simply own your talent and your beauty.


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