Monday, July 8, 2013

The Truth About Me Challenge

Sometimes I laugh at how good ideas tend
to come to me while I'm at the gym.  
Today I was thinking about what I wrote
about in the last post,
and I decided to start a challenge.
The Truth About Me Challenge!
I am having quite the journey already
as I work on my new goal:
I live in my Soulful Brilliance as 
my divine self through
And a big part of this journey
is in remembering the truth
I know about myself.
I am a daughter of my Heavenly Father!
He has blessed me with gifts, talents,
and divine traits that all add up to 
When I remember that Soulful Brilliance
and live as that divine being each day,
I am blessed with an amazing life
and the opportunity to love and serve others!
I am working each day at remembering
the truth about me!

Here's the Truth About Me challenge:
Every day
 (or week or couple of days...
whatever works for you)
spend some time
discovering a truth about you
with us here on the blog,
on twitter (@SoulfulBrill),
the Facebook page (Soulful Brilliance),
or on Instagram (soulfulbrill).
Use the hashtags #truthaboutme and
so we can check out all of the 
amazing things we can all discover
as we work towards remembering

I'm excited to hear more from you!  
Please, Please, PLEASE share what you discover!
Remember that something you share
may help someone else in their life!

I LOVE you guys!

P.S.  If you want to follow my day by day
Truth About Me Challenge
read my personal blog


motoguy_00 said...

It's an interesting challenge you propose, and one that can be the most profound discovery one can experience. This is something that I have discovered over the last several months.

There have been complicated and very stressful experiences in my life lately, unfortunately involving others, which adds to the complexities. These experiences have allowed me to create beliefs about myself that were not necissarily true. There have also been some beliefs formed that were true. The toughest part was learning to discern what was truth and what was a created belief brought about by my trials.

As I pondered and meditated on who I've become and why, and included confirmations from those surrounding me, I was able to learn to dicipher what was really true and what was bunk created by my perceived notions. I found out I have worth, to myself and to others. I am a good person, whereas I felt that I was not a good person to be around. I have many personality strengths that I am still learning to act on. Before, I felt that I had a weak personality. The list goes on and I've slowly been working on it for the last few months.

One last thing to share, there can be negative truths that we can discover about ourselves, and that's a good thing. When we recognize the negatives, we can address them and turn them around into positives. The weak things will be made into strengths.

Some other random truths of mine: good physical balance, good health, observant, quick to learn things, and I know I have some musical and artistic talents hidden away - I unfortunately don't nurture them enough (working on it).

motoguy_00 said...
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