Tuesday, July 23, 2013

How Do I Find the Truth About Me? Part Two: Patriarchal Blessings

I remember when I was living in China, I would check every morning to see if I got an email from someone in my family.  I was patiently (okay not so patiently) waiting to hear from them. Any one of them!  When I'd see I finally got one, I would be filled with happiness.  They're letters would tell of home and all that was going on in my absence, and of course encouragement! The best times were actually when I got a letter or package in the mail. Being able to rip open an envelope or a package and find the treasures inside! Some days when I just didn't know if I could make it through the day, I would be lifted by my letters and emails from home and be able to push forward and continue on my amazing journey.

Has there been a time in your life when you've felt this way?
You maybe have days where the storms and winds 
are beating down on you,
and you just don't know if you can make it 
through one more day?

For me my patriarchal blessing
is a letter from home.
I can picture my Heavenly Father
sitting at a desk with a pen and paper
writing me this letter of encouragement,
caution, protection, and inspiration.
It's a letter from the one person 
who knows me better than anyone,
in a place that is my true home.

When we are searching for 
the truth about ourselves,
we can find further answers in our 
patriarchal blessings. 

I know I've share this before, 
but here it is again: :0)

Dieter F. Uchtdorf once said,
"Our Heavenly Father sees our real potential.  
He knows things about us that we do not know ourselves."

Heavenly Father knows us
We can discover more of what He knows about us 
as we read and study our patriarchal blessings.
There are lots of different ways to study your blessing.
Find one that works for you and study it!
Discover things about yourself that 
you never knew!


P.S.  I'm a little bit behind with my TAM postings on my personal blog (livingincrescendo.blogspot.com),
but I am committed to catching up in the next couple of days!


motoguy_00 said...

Ah, patriarchal blessings, my one sure anchor in life. Everytime the rug gets pulled out from under me (unfortunately quite a bit), my blessing has helped reorient me and set me on my feet again - kind of like my own personal liahona, or spirtual compass.

I actually got to sit in on a friend's blessing before my own, and each time was one of the most spritual experiences in my life. I felt like the lord was right there speaking to me, and the patriarch was the interperter. It felt so direct, so reassuring.

But I digress a little. What has been so amazing to me, besides it centering me every time I get a little off, is that I am still learning from it. Things that I thought I understood, I find out that I was misunderstanding or not quite seeing the big picture, and it really meant something else. What I mean is that when what is in my blessing actually happens, it is different that what I thought it originally meant.

Also, some things mentioned in there seem to contradict what is happening in my life. That gives me the opportunity to evaluate where I am in life and if I need to change things. If my life is in line with the gospel, then I've learned that what seems contradicting, just needs to be looked at in another way, or that maybe it really hasn't come to pass yet, like I thought it did.

Of course, there is always the parts of my blessings that shore me up and encourage me. Things that tell me that I am a good person and have great talents and abilities. That is always something I love to focus on when times are hard.

I'm not sure if any of that makes sense to those reading it, but it makes sense to me. :)

motoguy_00 said...

Okay, just reading over my comment above (you'd think I'd proof read before posting O.o), and I want it to be clear that I did not think the lord was talking to me during my friend's blessing, only my own. But I did feel that the lord was there talking directly to my friend. :D

Katie said...

Is it OK if I use your graphic for a handout in our young women lesson tomorrow? Thank you for sharing your talents.

Meg said...

Thank you for asking! Please feel free to use it!