Saturday, October 6, 2012

Orchestrate Your Own Happiness!

Out in the world many people are out to find
the secret of living a happy life.
What if I told you that YOU are that secret?

You are the one who
decides if you will be happy or not.
I can hear some of you saying,
"But life is so hard and
I'm not happy!"

Well, let's go back to our beliefs that we wrote down on Thursday.
One that I have struggled with is "I'm not good enough."
How do you feel when you believe those things?
When I believe I am not good enough, I feel depressed and
like I can't do anything right.
How do you act when you believe that thought?
I would just not do things at all because then I couldn't fail.

Look at your life and see what you do to prove your beliefs to be right.
I have noticed in my life that
because I am focused on those thoughts and beliefs
I almost attract those types of situations and people
into my life, and I would then say to myself,
"See!  It's true! I'm not good enough/I can't trust people!"
I also would interpret situations and people's intentions
in a way to fit them into proving to myself that my beliefs were true.
Lastly, I would make decisions and
act in a way that supported those beliefs.

Did I consciously realize I was doing those things?
Sometimes, but until I really started paying attention
I didn't realize how often I did it.
I was telling myself a story about the
people and situations that came into my life.
A story that often wasn't true, but it proved my beliefs right,
so I kept on telling myself the same old story.

I reached a point where I had a choice.
It's the same choice you have right now!

Are you going to keep living with those beliefs that make you unhappy?
Or will you choose to shift those beliefs to create a life of joy, peace, and freedom?

If you would like to stick with those limiting beliefs
that are stealing your joy,
you can stop reading now and find something else to do.
If you are choosing to shift those limiting beliefs into
positive empowering beliefs, CONGRATULATIONS!
You have taken the first step to living your life!

Now you're probably asking,
"Okay, Meg.  Now what!"

Here's my challenge for today:

Pay attention to your thoughts today.
See how many times you have a negative thought.
A thought that proves one of your limiting beliefs is true.
Ask yourself if that thought is true.
What would you be feeling and doing if
you didn't have that thought?
Record your thoughts and feelings in your journal.

Check back tomorrow at 2:00 p.m.
for more on shifting beliefs!

Meg :0)

P.S. A good book to read:
"Loving What Is: Four Questions That Can Change Your Life" by Byron Katie

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