Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Your Heroic Journey

Each of us is on a journey.
A path especially created by our experiences and our choices.
Writing in your journal daily is a great way to have
regular time to reflect on your path,
to remember where you've been and and where you are going.
It gives you time to think about the blessings in your day,
the things you have learned,
and even the challenges that you faced.

Think about it for a moment...
We often read stories of great men and women.
We are reminded during these times that
they did not become great overnight.
All that greatness didn't come the moment they were born.
It came through experiences in their lives
and the way they chose to react to those experiences.
Their stories assist us all in realizing our dreams,
the greatness that we too possess.
They help us to have the courage to change and
to shine bright in our SOULFUL BRILLIANCE!

One thing I've learned in my life is the great importance of
recording your journey as the authentic you.
I used to be in a space where I would wear masks,
and be whatever people needed me to be at the time.
I wasn't being my true self.
I didn't write in my journal as my authentic self,
afraid that someone would read my journal
and see all the negative things in my life.
Once I shed my need to be perfect,
I wrote freely about my thoughts and trials and joys,
and something amazing happened!
I started seeing how amazing my life truly is,
how blessed I am to be on the path I am on
and how my experiences led me to it!
When I'm struggling now, I go back and read about how
I triumphed over my challenges, how I achieved in the face of adversity,
and how I am a strong, courageous person.
It was so empowering to remember that I have overcome before,
and that I have the power to do it again!
your life experiences prepare you for the work
you were created to do!
If you do not write them down and record them,
you may forget about them and the true lessons they taught.
They can be a comfort in challenging times,
and a reminder that you have been prepared for the challenges you now face.
Spencer W. Kimball once said, "Record the story of your life,
 your triumph over adversity, your recover after a fall,
your progress when all seemed to be black,
Your rejoicing when you finally achieved."
(Click here for full article.)
I know that in doing this, you will not only empower yourself,
but someday your words may empower others
 in pushing through challenges
and coming out conqueror!
 My challenge for you:
First find your journal, or go purchase a new one.
It doesn't need to be fancy or colorful (unless you want it to be).
  For me it is almost a spiritual experience
to look for and find the book that
I will record the next part of my heroic journey in.
I love the search!
Next START WRITING!  It doesn't really matter what your writing about,
just get started!  Sometimes that is the hardest part.
Some suggestions for writing in your journal:
*Write about what you are grateful for and why you are grateful for it.
*Write down your goals for the day, week, or month, and each night before going to bed record how you are doing with them.
*Write about your challenges.
*Record your feelings about things that happen to you throughout the day.  What did you learn?
There's so much more you could write about! 
As we continue on this journey together be sure to have your journal handy
to record your thoughts, feelings, and breakthroughs.
I would love to hear your thoughts about journaling!  Please comment below or e-mail me at meg@soulfulbrilliance.com.
Meg :0)

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