Monday, August 20, 2012

What is Soulful Brilliance?

Soulful brilliance.
What is it?
Well, if you've been following this blog for the past few months
you may have a small idea about what it means.

I love to learn about words and the meaning they had when they first were used.
I love to learn the true meaning of words.
So let's take a moment to look at what the words soulful and brilliance really mean.

soulful = soul + ful
A soul is a "spiritual and emotional part of a person".
It is the place inside of each of us that is connected
to our Heavenly Father and our emotions and feelings.
"-ful" is a suffix meaning "full of".

So soulful is to be full of soul and feelings.
Passion.  Fire.  Meaning.

Brilliance comes from the word brilliant, which means "shining, sparkling."
It is a synomym of shine, which means to "shed light or be radiant."
It also means "excellence or distinction"

These things said, what is Soulful Brilliance really?
It is the greatness inside you.
It's the gifts, talents, and abilities that exist in the core of who you are.
Your divine potential.
It is the place in you of love, truth, light, peace and wisdom.
It is the whisper calling to you in all the noisiness of life,
asking you to give it meaning.
It is the light that stands at the foundation of
who you are in this life.
It's acting on the feelings inside yourself--your intuition--
and following the path to your greatness, your passion.

As you discover the light inside yourself and embrace it,
you will find that you will rise to levels of accomplishment
that you had never thought possible.
You start to radiate a light, a brilliant light,
leading others to you,
so you may light the path for them.

We all desire to have purpose in life.
Purpose is our driving energy in life.
When we discover our soul purpose,
we find we have an infinite supply of energy and enthusiasm.
Our capacity expands and becomes almost effortless.

Some of you may be saying,
"Well, duh Meg!  But how do I find my purpose."
The truth is that it's going to take some effort
to explore and discover your SOULFUL BRILLIANCE,
so stick with it and don't give up or tell yourself you don't have any gifts or talents.

No one, NOT ONE SOUL, on the face of the earth
is excluded from recieving gifts, talents, and abilities
that are unique to him or her.
Our Father in Heaven sent us here with a purpose
and the power and tools we need to accomplish that purpose.

We are blessed with the beautiful opportunity to have a life.
This life is a time to learn and grow.  To progress.
We get find out who we really are.

Along your journey you may try something new
and decide that it is not for you; it's not who you are.
That is the best way to find out who you are:
find out who you are not!

When you start discovering who you truly are,
you start living life on purpose.
You start living in your SOULFUL BRILLIANCE!

Here's my challenge for you today: 
Take out a sheet of paper and fold it in half long ways (hot dog for those of you who learned that in school), so you have two columns.  On the top of the left column write "Who I am not" and underline it.  On the top of the right column write "Who I am" and underline it.  Don't think to hard about this, just write down the first things you think of in each column.  Who are you?  Who are you not?  What have you discovered?  Keep this paper so you may add to it throughout our journey together.

I would love for you to share with us any insight or discoveries you have made!  Please comment below or send me an email to

Meg :0)

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