Monday, August 13, 2012

Are you ready?


Hello Soulful Brilliance friends!  I hope you are all enjoying your summer!  As the summer is coming to an end and we are getting closer to fall, I've been doing some soul searching and working on shifting some limiting beliefs I have.  For a little while I got stuck in a spot and wasn't really progressing in my path.  I have heard from many of my friends and family that they are feeling stuck as well.  I've had many people asking me how they know what their purpose is and what path they should follow in their life.

The truth is that only you can find your path.  
The first step on the path is to decide not to stay where you are!  
Make a choice to take a step towards creating your path and 
finding and living in your SOULFUL BRILLIANCE!

Join me over the next few months as I share some different tools you can use in your search.  
I will also be adding new features to our blog and resources that may assist you.  Check back often or like our page on Facebook where I will be posting updates. Please share this site and our Facebook Page with others so we can assist as many people as we can in finding and living in their Soulful Brilliance!

Things to look forward to this week:
  • A resources page full of books, websites, and much more!
  • Introductions to our SB team!
  • More on what Soulful Brilliance means!
  • Why journaling is so important!
  •  The Power of Words!
  • Why Meg likes exclamation marks so much!
Meg :0)


Tricia said...

Looking forward to reading about your journey and carving out a better path for myself in the process. You are an inspiration! I love exclamation marks too so bring it on!!

Unknown said...

I am here on a journey to see what paths are available, and what steps I can take towards those paths. Meg, thanks for everything.