Tuesday, December 9, 2014

You are a Star!

(source: http://blindenreport.de/)

Of all the symbols of Christmas, the Star is one of my favorites.  As I was contemplating the Star this week, I thought of how it did exactly what it was created to to -- IT SHINED!!! All it had to do was be itself, and it led people to Jesus Christ after His birth.  We are just like this star!  

If we allow ourselves to be the person we were created to be and let our Soulful Brilliance shine, we too can lead others to Christ!  One of my favorite Primary songs is called Every Star is different.

"Ev'ry star is diff'rent,
And so is ev'ry child.
Some are bright and happy,
And some are meek and mild.
Ev'ry one is needed 
For just what he can do.
You're the only person
Who ever can be you.

"A shining star, shining brightly,
Not so very far, shining brightly;
Be a shing star.  Shine so brightly;
Shine right where you are, brightly!

"I can shine for others
And let them feel my love, 
Follow the commandments
That come from God above.
I can help another
To learn to choose the right.
Having faith and courage
Will let my star shine bright" 
(Children's Songbook, 142).

Let your star shine bright! Help lead others to Christ by being the you you were created to be!

Our challenge to you this month is to let your light shine by giving a small act of service as a Christmas gift.  The smallest acts of service tend to make the biggest difference in the life of another. If you are looking for ideas visit http://multiplygoodness.com/do-good-24-days-of-giving/. Please share with us on Instagram and Facebook using the hashtags 
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