Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Two Are Better Than One

Wow! September went by fast!
I hope you have enjoyed
hearing from these remarkable women!
I'm excited to learn more from them.
I realized the other day that 
I should introduce myself too! 
Afterall, we have some new friends joining us!

My name is Meg.
I'm 31 years old.
I am a teacher.
I am a writer.
I am a listener.
I am a daughter of God.
I have a cat named Binx.
I just got married six short months ago
to the most amazing guy in the world,
We've only known each other for a little
over a year, and he's had to deal
with me falling off my rocker a few times.
But he is ever patient, loving and supportive.

A little over three years ago,
I was feeling depressed and 
laying around feeling sorry
for myself everyday.
One night I was at the end
of my rope and was praying,
asking Heavenly Father to
help me find my way again.
To be happy again.
To have light in my life again.
He answered me in an amazing way!
He led me on a journey of seeing
myself as He sees me and
living in the light I have always had
because He created me that way.
He gave me special talents and experiences
that have guided me to become the 
amazing woman I now am.
Shortly after I started down that path
of discovering my Soulful Brilliance, 
I felt the desire to share my story
and help others to discover
and live in their own Soulful Brilliance.
And that was the start of this blog!

I hope that as you continue following us
and join us in the Soulful B Sisterhood,
you will be able to see 
the light you already have inside.
The light Heavenly Father created you with.
He gave you talents and experiences
that have combined to help you become
the person you are today.

This month we talked about having
a support team, or a sisterhood.
We have met each of the sisters
in my sisterhood.
Were you able to do the challenge
and gather your own sisterhood?
If so please post pictures 
on Instagram or Facebook
using the hashtag #soulfulbsisterhood.
We want to see the amazing light 
you have gathered into your space!
If you haven't had a chance to 
read the posts or do the challenges yet,
please feel free to start now!
There is no deadline to have them finished!

As you create a support team,
or sisterhood,
you will find that you will
be more successful and
will feel more light and happiness
in your life!
I discovered a scripture this month
in Eccles. 4:9-10,
"Two are better than one; 
because they have good reward 
for their labour. 
For if they fall, 
the one will lift up his fellow..."
This has been true for me in
my sisterhood,
and most especially in my marriage.
I know we haven't
been married that long, but
I've seen the truth of this scripture 
especially in the last few months
as I've been falling
and been lifted up by my husband.
I'm constantly amazed at 
the blessings Heavenly Father
pours down on me!

I am especially grateful
for the reminders I have
read from my sisters.
The challenges they have given
have helped me to regroup
and remember my Soulful Brilliance.
I have been feeling so much better,
and I'm excited to learn more!

October is going to be a treat!
Stay tuned for the next post
October 3rd!

Meg :0)

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