Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Becoming More

As January came to a close this year, I had studied and thought about becoming more.  Becoming more aware of the tender mercies that surround me.  Becoming more aware of the little moments when Heavenly Father is touching my life and trying to teach me something important.  Becoming more willing and able to do the little things to help me keep the Spirit with me.  In her book Becoming His, Emily Freeman shares this quote from H. David Burton's conference talk in October 2004: "The virtues expressed in 'More Holiness Give Me' fall into several groups.  Some are personal goals, like more holiness give me; more strivings within; more faith, gratitude, and purity; more fit for the kingdom; more purpose in prayer; and more trust in the Lord.  Others center on adversity.  They include patience in suffering, meekness in trial, praise for relief, strength to overcome, freedom from earthstains and longing for home.  The rest firmly anchor us to our Savior: more sense of His care; more pride in His glory; more hope in His word; more joy in His service; more tears for His sorrows; more pain at His grief; more blessed and holy; and more, Savior, like Thee."

I often feel the call to become more in my life.  Sometimes I get overwhelmed by what I everything I "need" to do or "should" do.  The perfectionist in me wants me to be perfect now, but that's not really realistic, is it? I have realized on my journey the past three years, that I get to recognize the good I'm already doing.  I get to CELEBRATE my successes right now!  Then I can look at what more I want to do and make a game plan on how to get there.

The last few weeks, as I have struggled with my perfectionist's more and my actual abilities, I found myself asking the question, "What's the best way to become more?"  I submit that it is learning more about the Savior and His teachings.  One way I have been learning more about the Savior is through reading about the miracles He performed as He was living here on earth.  There are some amazing stories of love and...well...miracles!  Through the next month I'd like to share some of my favorites with you. This journey of reading of His miracles and applying them to my own life has reminded me of how blessed I truly am and reminded me to be more grateful for the blessings I have!  I can't wait to share some of my discoveries with you!

This week if you find yourself overwhelmed by what more you "need" to do or "should" be doing, take a moment to stop and breathe deeply.  Think about all the little things in your life that you are blessed with. The more you stop to look, the more you will find a message that Heavenly Father has been trying to tell you.  A message just for you.  A message of love and encouragement.  A message that you aren't alone.  A message that no matter what you are or are not doing, He loves you unconditionally.  Your value has always been infinite!  You matter!

Meg :0)

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