Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy stuff yourself like a Turkey day a.k.a Thanksgiving

I really wanted to get on here and share my gratitude. I have had some pretty incredible experiences in the last few weeks. Which has given me an increased sense of gratitude. Perfect for this time of year to have increased gratitude.

These are a few of my most grateful things:
*My bed-It reminds me that I have a warm home to come home to.
*Holidays-that bring my family together.
*Friends-that cover my eyes in the mushy parts of movies.
*Food-I absolutely love it
*Perspective-it has changed my life.
*A healthy body-I find when my body is in tune my spirit is more receptive.
*Light-even the smallest amount of light can bring comfort to a very dark place.
*Trials-I have found my greatness through some of my most difficult life experiences.

What a fantastic opportunity to have a day a time of year to really reflect on my greatest gifts. I know that none of these things would have been possible without the greatest gift that I have been given. A magnificent Creator that gave me life and the power of choice. I know without my Lord and Savior none of this would be possible. For this I am the most Grateful.


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