Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Goal Setting: Part 4

Today is Februrary 26, 2016.  I've changed my goals yet again.  I keep reminding myself that I don't have to stick to the goals I wrote back in January if they aren't working in my life.  I used to always get to February and get so discouraged when I hadn't accomplished much to do with my goals. Now, I look at how they're working for me and pray to see if that was really what Heavenly Father wanted me to be working on.

One thing that I've learned the last few years, is that it's not really accomplishing goals that is the best part of life.  The best part is in the journey of accomplishing goals.  It is in the journey that we learn and grow.  It is in the journey that we can see God's hand in our lives.  It is in the journey where we find happiness and joy. We do all of this as we progress, little by little.

One reason I love Lara Casey's goal setting and Powersheets process is because I get to move step by step and dig deeper to find what goals really matter in your life and what Heavenly Father would like you to work on. I love the story from the Book of Mormon about the Jaredites. As they were traveling to the promised land, they came to a great sea.  While there the Lord had them build boats and get prepared for a journey across the sea.  They did everything they could to be prepared and then they got to commend their journey to the Lord. Their boats didn't have sails, but were driven by the waves and storms at sea. It was almost a year in those boats that they journeyed to the promised land.

This goal setting process is like that for me.  I prepare and get as ready as I can.  Then I commend my journey to the Lord and get to trust in Him and His plan to get me to my own promised land. With that, here are the goals I have for the rest of 2016!

  • Cultivating my relationships with my husband and daughter.
  • Sharing my life experiences in vulnerability on to help encourage and uplift others.
  • Daily Gratitude to help me focus on the little tender mercies in my life.
  • Make healthy lifestyle choices.
  • Simplify and declutter my life (physical, mental, digital, etc.)
  • Cultivate my friendships to create lasting relationships.
  • I immerse myself in the the scriptures.  Not just reading, but studying them to grow my faith and receive personal revelation.
What are your goals for 2016?  Share here!


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