Thursday, February 18, 2016

2016 Goal Setting: Part 2

Hello friends!  Here comes the next part of my goal setting process.  I get to look back at some not so fun things.  This part for me is good as long as I don't choose to stay in the muck.  I get to look at it and see what I have learned from it and move on.  To me a huge part of living on purpose is looking back at what didn't work and then not doing it any more.  See an old post here: INsanity.

Step 4
What does your perfectly imperfect "Messy 2016" look like?

My Messy 2016 is about letting go of my fears and insecurities and trusting in the Lord's grace.
It will look like immersing myself in His word.  I pray intentionally and act on promptings, even the little ones. I cultivate gratitude and my relationships. I look for the tender mercies the Lord sends. I choose joy and love! 

Step 5
What didn't work in 2015? What kept me from living on purpose?

-Anxiety, overwhelm, worry
-Not exercising
-Baby in the hospital for 2 weeks
-not blogging
-too much stuff in my spaces (physical, mental, etc.)
-Comparison = coveting

Name three lessons you learned and an idea for what to do about it.
-When I had L, she had some problems breathing and got put into the NICU for 16 days. There were 16 of the hardest days of my life.  Having to leave her at the hospital when I went home was heartbreaking. Choosing to take care of myself instead of be at the hospital all the time was heartbreaking, but I learned.  I learned once again to trust in God's plan for my life and so much more.  It was hard, but it was a very special experience too.
-I learned that worry is fruitless.  All it did was make my blood pressure go up, which wasn't good.
-I learned again that I have the power to choose my attitude.

The biggest thing I can think of that can help me through hard things is to study scriptures.  To ponderize them.  Not just read them, but make them a part of my life.

Step 6
Who helped you cultivate what matters in 2015?

Can I just tell you that this list is so long this year!
-First and foremost I would say my Heavenly Father and my Savior!
-My amazing husband, who has lived through all those hard things with me and constantly helped me remember to trust in God.
-L has been an amazing driving force for me to be better and do my best.
-The fabulous friends and family who have helped watch L while I've been at work: Alyssa, Tonessa, Kathy, Judy, Shellie, and my parents.
-Nicci the fabulous teacher I job share with has been amazing to work with.
-My mom who always knows when I need some encouraging words.
-And I really feel grateful for myself.  I have done amazing things this last year!


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