Monday, April 8, 2013

A Great Work

Ever had one of times in your life when you are overwhelmed with all you have to accomplish?
And then in to your life comes more to do or worry about?
Well, it's been that way for me the last few weeks.
After lots of prayer, fasting, and studying things out,
I have decided to finally write the book I've been
dreaming about for about the last year and a half.
I'm very excited about it!
I've been doing a lot of studying the Gospel to assist me in this.
It's been amazing to find all the little gems in the scriptures
that talk about all the different tools I've learned from other sources
over the last two years!
The last two weeks have just taught me how this
is definitely something Heavenly Father wants me to do.
I knew it already after praying, etc. about it,
but the past couple of weeks
Satan has really been trying to distract me with other things.
I've been questioning my abilities and experiences.
I've unearthed some new limiting beliefs
and struggled with some old limiting beliefs.
I have found the strength and power to get things done through it all!
I get to remember that I am a pwerful and inspiring person!
I am a rock!  I stand tall and firm in my testimony of my Savior!
I am meant for great things, and
I have the great opportunity to build my testimony and my knowledge
as I work on assisting others!
President Uchtdorf has said,
"When God works through us
no one and nothing
can stand against us."
I am hear to tell you how true that is!
We can accomplish anything that our Heavenly Father asks of us!
We do it through our Savior, Jesus Christ!
Heavenly Father has a great work for
each of us to accomplish!
We just have to be willing and available to do it.
If we can show Him that we are willing and available,
He will do everything He can to help us accomplish it!
He loves us so much and
wants for us to succeed in life!
We just need to remember that
we are His children!
We have Divine DNA
and are capable of so much if we
reach out and embrace our
Remember to shine bright and be light!
And remember to not let your fears direct your life!
Follow Him and He will show you your path!

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