Friday, November 23, 2012

Celebrating Gratitude

With Thanksgiving now gone I want to share what I did not share with my family yesterday. I figured Why not just share it with my blog family....
I am grateful for a country that has set aside a day for me to be able to celebrate my gratitude. That's the thing that I found myself most grateful for on Thanksgiving. I know it seems like a little thing, but it's an opportunity to celebrate all that we're grateful for. Family, Friends, bountiful resources of food and shelter, health, service and so much more. As I reflected here are some of the things on my list of celebration

  • 5am wake up call- celebrating the beginning of a new day.
  • 6am turkey burner competition at the gym- celebrating my healthy body and good friends that support me.
  • texting with family and friends- celebrating the love and support of others
  • food prep for the plentiful feast- celebrating my talent of cooking 
  • turkey bowl- celebrating my spontaneity, good friends, and my healthy athletic body.
  • feasting with my family- celebrating quality time with family that I don't get to see very often.and sharing my talents with others.
  • conversation- celebrating quality time with my mom and having a much needed conversation for both of us.
  • bedtime- celebrating a warm home, reflection on the day and preparation for a new day.
I felt so much gratitude yesterday that I literally wanted to shout it from the roof tops. So here I am on my proverbial roof top  shouting at the top of my lungs. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! My Heavenly Father has given me so much who would I be not to be grateful to him for all he has provided me with. What a great day to re-align my thoughts and focus on gratitude.

What are some things that you are Grateful for every day?
Challenge: Find something simple in your day and reflect on how it assists you in celebrating gratitude.


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