Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Intensify Your Light with Gratitude!

Sometimes hard things pile up
and dealing with all of it at once
makes me stressed out and just grumpy.
I remember one morning waking up
in a very grumpy mood.
Things were just not going my way that week.
I was tired.
I was tired of being tired.
I got dressed and went to meet
Britt at the gym for our daily workout.
All I did was grumble and complain.
Then my fabulous sister
reminded me of a truth I knew,
but had forgotten.

The best cure for a bad day
or rough trials is GRATITUDE!
She challenged me to fill my
day with gratitude.
Every time I wanted to complain or grumble
I instead expressed gratitude for something
in my life.
At first it was hard,
but as I got farther in the day
my mood got better and better
and by the end of the day
my heart was so full of gratitude
there was no more room
for the yucky thoughts I had been feeling!

It also did something amazing!
I was able to throw out all the yucky thoughts
and be reminded of my 
I could see myself, my life,
and my soul purpose
better than ever!
GRATITUDE helped me to

I know that as each of us
expresses gratitude
we can see ourselves as Heavenly Father sees us.
We can take the light we've begun to see in ourselves,
and INTENSIFY it into something brighter!

In Doctrine and Covenants 78: 19 says,

"And he who recieveth all things with 
thankfulness shall be made glorious;..."

I know the truth of this statement.
The more grateful we are for
the little things we DO have,
the more we are strengthened
to withstand the fiery darts of Satan.
We are also better able to be happy
and joyful in our lives as they are.
One of the most important things
gratitude does for us is help us
see the brilliance and light
that our Heavenly Father
blessed us with.

Dear sisters, I hope and pray
that as you are able to work towards
filling your days with gratitude,
you will remember to be kind to yourself!
As you are more kind to yourself
and express more gratitude,
you will be able to

We may not be perfect,
but that is one of the amazing
things about the Atonement of the Savior.
He will enable us with his Grace
to become strong through our weakness.

I know He loves each of us individually!
I know that as we turn our hearts to thanks,
He will bless us with more than we ever imagined!

November Challenge

Our challenge for you this month is to start a list.
Start a list of all the little and big things
 you have to be grateful for in your life.
Post your list somewhere where you can
see in frequently and be reminded of all that
Heavenly Father blesses you with!
If you are feeling very adventurous,
post a picture of what you are grateful for
 on Facebook or Instagram!
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