Monday, September 15, 2014

Meeting Kenzy

Hi my name is Kenzy.  I am so excited to be part of this group and to learn from all of you beautiful women out there.  I am 27 and a newlywed as of 9 months ago.  The love of my life has been my best friend 9 years.  We dated 6 ½ of the 8ish years before we got married, but we won’t go into right now because I’m supposed to give you a brief introduction and not the next Twilight series.

Most of my life now revolves around my superhero husband and my two sweet dogs.  Before that I was very much into sports and schooling.  Both gave me very important lessons in life that I will expound on probably in the near future.  It was shortly after high school that I found my sweetheart and found out what love really was. 

Eddy and I have been through some of the craziest adventures and some heartrending experiences.  Both have brought us closer together with the help of a loving Father in Heaven.  My husband’s family has a history of mental illness in his family and needless to say this apple, my sweet Eddy, did not fall far from the tree.  I wouldn’t ask for him to be any different because I fell in love with him as he is and not who I wished him to be.

I am blessed to stay home with my dog-children.  I say that because they play, make messes, get dirty, snuggle and love like children do.  As yes they talk.  No I’m serious!!! Gypsy has sign language ears and Shadow uses her eyes and head tilt to let you know their opinion of life.  After playing with these two, completing regular household fun stuff, and the unexpected, I love to go to my craft room and make quilts.  I love taking fabrics of all varieties and bring them together to make something beautiful for others to enjoy.

So you have heard from our awesome team, but now it’s my turn to give you the TRUE dirt on them. ;)

Megan: This lady is freaking awesome.  Have you ever had one of those friends that somehow gets you to sign up for a crazy, farfetched half marathon, marathon, or worse… Ragnar?  Megan unfortunately has a cousin that is that exact same way and it’s harder to dodge family.  She and I have had wonderful talks as we trained for events and I can’t even begin to tell you how amazing she is.  Megan is so in tune with the Spirit and has stood as a shining example every day of her life.

Britt: Volleyball has been a big part of hers and my life.  I was constantly amazed at the work ethic this chic had and I wanted to be just like her growing up.  She taught me that no matter how hard it gets, you can dig deep and find a way to endure just a little more.  Very very strong and talented right here folks.

Beth: We are twins separated by mothers that are sisters.  She and I share a love for horses, sports, cats, dogs, and most importantly…. ICE CREAM!  You want someone who will be there for you through thick and thin?  She is your girl.  Very determined in all that she does and doesn’t give up too easily.  I love being able to joke with this girl and she always brightens my day. 

Alyssa:  This supermom is the bomb as well.  She has more energy that an 82 year old that is for dang sure.  I love that she is always there for her cute family and is always finding fun things to do with her girls and her husband.  Alyssa’s laugh is so infectious that if we recorded it and played it through the satellites, then everyone would be happy in the world.  She has a huge heart and you will get to see that here as we go along.

Nancy:  This woman is the boss, bee’s knees, cats meow, and all the other catchy sayings that I can’t think of right now.  Talk about a humble, spiritual giant! The things you could learn from her are endless.  She loves lighthouses and she has definitely been a lighthouse in my life when some storms came in and I was having a hard time finding the way to safe harbors.  Her testimony shines so brightly, and the love she carries with it is unstoppable. 

So challenge for this week is to pick a 1 day a week, biweekly, or month that you can consistently give 10 minutes of your time to write down the people that are shining examples to you and why. Then pick one attribute that you want to work on and tell your support team so they can make you accountable.  You can do it!

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