Friday, February 8, 2013

Be a Light!

There I was...
working out at the gym,
minding my own business,
exercising like a holy person.
(What does a holy person look like at the gym?
Well, I don't really know the answer for other people,
but for me it was dressed modestly,
listening to good music,
and telling myself how amazing and wonderful I am
and how I love myself.
Yes it sounds funny to a lot of people,
but loving yourself is important in living the amazing life you desire!)

All of the sudden, I see a familiar face!
It was my aunt!
I stopped what I was doing and had a good conversation with her.
We made plans to meet each day to workout together
because having someone to workout with 
always makes it more fun!
We also talked about how we were both working on 
being closer to our Heavenly Father this year.

My aunt left and I returned to my workout
contemplating the things we had talked about.
The past few months I've really been thinking about
this blog and how I have been struggling to
do all I planned with it.
It just seemed to be missing something that 
I just couldn't quite put my finger on...

Then it hit me!
I need to combine SB with my goal to grow 
closer to my Heavenly Father this year.
I was having this amazing flow of ideas.
Enter Satan.
(I have most definitely decided he knows me well.
He knows just what to do to get me second guessing myself.)
He got me thinking about how much more work it would be for me to put together
and how this is probably just a high from not having to worry about my job for the next few weeks.
I spent a while questioning if it was Heavenly Father telling me something
 or my sudden relief at some time off.
  How many times does that happen in your life?
You get some inspiration and before you know it you're questioning yourself about it.
Sadly it happens to me quite often.
I've learned to really pray to my Heavenly Father at these times.
He's pretty amazing and even if it takes some serious time,
He always answers our prayers.

This time was no different. 
As I am leaving the gym and getting in my jeep to drive home,
I'm praying about if this was indeed something I should do.
And He most definitely answered my prayer.

So I would like to invite you to come on a journey with me.
 A journey that, if you commit to it, will take you to heights you've never seen. 
In going with Soulful Brilliance,
I've decided to call this journey

Be a Light!

Many of you that I have talked to keep asking me, "Meg, how do you figure out my purpose so I can live in my Soulful Brilliance?"
The truth is that there is no one answer.
What works for me may not work for the next person.
We are each on our own journey to discovering ourselves.
I've learned through the years that it comes a little at a time.
I think Heavenly Father knows that if he gave it all to us at one time we may get overwhelmed and not be able to accomplish all He desires. :0)
He has given us gifts, talents and special experiences so we can be a light for others to shape their lives in the way He intended.  
I love this scripture:     
"Verily, verily, I say unto you, I give unto you to be the light of this people.  A city that is set on a hill cannot be hid...Therefore let your light so shine before this people, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father who is in heaven."
~3 Nephi 12:14-16

As we grow closer to our Heavenly Father and work on shaping our own lives to accomplish all He wants us to do,
We become like a city on a hill,
A bright light shining and inviting others to come and see all the amazing and wonderful things that are in store for them if they but come unto Christ.
Here's all you get to do to join us:

1. Commit! You may want to find someone to commit with you.  This can assist in keeping you accountable for sticking with it and completing invitations each week!

2. Read the weekly message and invitation, which will be posted by 7 p.m. Sunday nights.

3. Complete the  invitation and record your insights, thoughts, feelings etc. in a journal.

4. ***Share your experiences with others!***  You never know how much your story could assist someone else in their path! You can share by commenting on the blog post, or find a friend or family member to share your journey with.

5. Check back on the blog Saturday morning for a follow-up post by a SB team member.

I'm excited to take this journey with you.
I truly hope and pray that you will find this rewarding.
*Our first message will be posted this Sunday by 7 p.m.*
Hope to hear from you! 

If you have any questions or comments about anything feel free to comment below or email me at


*Just a side note:0) This is process for me.  I'm going with the flow on this and making it up as I go along.  I will be learning right along with you and may periodically shift things as we go along. Please feel free to share any ideas you have so I can make this journey helpful for others.

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Mikenzy said...

Wow Kiddo you are amazing and I just love you to death. I have a funny feeling that this is what you were talking about when you were with my mom. I love how life just falls into place so perfectly each day. Can't wait to see what is in store. Exciting!!!!!