Sunday, May 10, 2015

A Note on Mother's Day

Today as I've been think about Mother's Day, 
my thoughts have been drawn back to many other Mother's Days.
This is my first year being an actual physical mother,
but I can't help look back at all those years
when I yearned for the chance to marry
and have my own children.
Mother's Day was usually a hard day for me.
It took me years to really internalize
and take to heart that I might not have
my own children, but I still had the chance to be a mother
to many other children who came into my life.

Heavenly Father gave me the opportunity
to be a different kind of mother.
And as hard as it was,
I'm very thankful for the time
I spent helping and teaching
hundreds of kids through the 
last 14+ years.
I loved each and every one of them
(especially the hard ones).
I'm very thankful for the lessons 
they taught me in the short time
they were in my life.

There are so many women out there
 who long for children of their own,
but for various reasons
are not able to have that right now.
Mother's Day can be a hard day.
If you are reading this know that
although each of us has a different 
experience with this,
you are not alone.
The Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ
is with you.
He knows exactly how you feel.
He has suffered it with you.
He is there holding you
and helping you.
His grace is there for you
through it all.
He has blessings coming your way.
He may also be putting other children
in your life that only you can help.
Watch for these special spirits 
of our Heavenly Father.
Share your knowledge and 
testimony with them.
No it's not the same as
having your own children,
but you are still a mother.

I know that sometimes longing and praying
for that very special blessing
and not receiving it yet
can be heart wrenching.
But I also know with my whole heart
that if we continue in the faith
living our lives worthily,
no matter how long it takes,
that we will be blessed with
the desires of our heart.

One of my favorite quotes
from Elder Jeffrey R Holland is
"Some blessings come soon,
some come late,
and some don't come until heaven;
but for those who embrace the gospel
of Jesus Christ, they come"

I know from my own personal experience
how true those words are in our life here on earth.
Keep having faith
and trust in God's plan for your life.

Meg :0)

This month we will be discussing
family links in our lives
 and how they help us nourish our light!
I look forward to reading more 
and hopefully hearing from you!

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