Monday, May 4, 2015

His Grace

This month has gone by in a flash!
So much has happened
but it sure doesn't look like it.

Grace was the perfect topic
for me to think about
the last couple of months.

I've been fighting to
stay on the path I
had created for myself before
I got pregnant.
It hasn't been working
with my tired exhausted body.
I've felt frustrated
and like I'm not enough.
As I've been praying
and spending more time
reading my scriptures
and pondering,
I've come to the realization
that I am trying to do
all of it by myself.
I haven't asked my
Heavenly Father what He thinks
I should be doing.
I haven't been listening
to what He's trying to tell me.

I get to rethink my plans.
My life is changing in a big way.
It's never going to be the same.
So why would the same old
thing be working now?
I get to reevaluate.
I get to pray with real intent.
I get to listen for the answers.
I get to follow the inspiration I get.
I get to do everything I can do
and then lean on His grace.

I can't do any of this alone.
I can only do it with His help
and the support of my loved ones.
Grace is such an amazing thing!

I know that many of us are
unclear about what grace is.
My challenge to you is to
spend time studying
Pray and ask for
Heavenly Father to help
you learn more about it.
He will bless you for your efforts,
and you will see miracles
happen in your life!

I have seen these miracles
in the last two weeks
as I have been praying
and studying
and leaning on His Grace.
I have been able to get a
clearer vision of what
I really want to accomplish
and what really should
be important for me
at this time in my life.
I've revised my goals.
I've simplified.
I've grown.
All because I took
the time to stop
and ask
and listen.

Now I get to work on the doing!
I'm excited to get started.
I'll be sharing more of my
personal journey on my goals
and life on my personal blog
Feel free to stop by and read more!


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