Friday, January 25, 2013

Goal Setting Part IV

 So January is almost over now, and I still don't have my goals firmly set,
but for me the best thing about goal setting is that it's a process.
I used to make new years resolutions with a plan of how I would accomplish them,
but I would fizzle out by February and give up on doing them. 
Now I realize that sometimes life circumstances change.
I'm also learning and growing all the time!
My goals get to shift with me as I move through life
finding the paths I have the privilege to be on!
So here's the next two steps I do for my goal setting:
Step Four:  2013 Vision
This is like writing your own personal mission statement for the year.
I love it because I get to think about what I truly want in life.
If my life and I were exactly what I wanted us to be what would it look like?
To start off with I've found asking myself some questions is a good place to start.
I love reading a blog I found called "Making Things Happen".
The author Lara Casey suggested some questions that I really liked, so there they are along with my answers:
1.  Where do you want to be when your 80? Humble, active, healthy, a faithful servant of my Heavenly Father, surrounded by my family, living a life of charity.
2. Why do you do what you do? I desire to assist others in learning and growing--becoming who Heavenly Father desires for them to be and to assist them in shaping their lives in the way the Savior intented.  Ultimately I do what I do because of the love I feel for others and especially the love and gratitude I feel towards my Heavenly Father for blessing my life!
3. What kind of life do you want to life this year? This year I am desiring t live a life of charity and service, keeping and eternal perspective in all that I do.  Trusting in the Lord's plan for me and living in my Soulful Brilliance.  I desire to be physically and spiritually strong so I can better assist others in finding and living in their SB.  I desire to life a life of gratitude and sharing my testimony through word and deed.  Seeing others as Heavenly Father does and helping them realize their greatness and potential.  And ultimately to grow closer to my Heavenly Father and my Savior. 
Keeping those things in mind, here is my 2013 vision.  Remember while you are doing this that this is a process.  You can shift or modify your Vision any time you want.  That's the best thing about life!  It's always changing!  So if you try something and it just doesn't work or resignate with you that's okay!  Shift it!
My 2013 Vision:
I am active, strong, powerful, inspiring, humble, teachable, purposeful, slow to anger and quick to serve, and courageous. I am living in my Soulful Brilliance and dedicating my life to the service of the Lord, to be an instrument in His hands to bring others to the knowledge of their greatness and potential so they can live the lives the Savior intended for them to live.  I am trusting in Him and His plan for my life.
Now get busy writing your 2013 Vision.  Remember it's a process. Here's my piece of advice for all you perfectionists out there.  I used to be one of you, and sometimes I still am:0).  This isn't going to be perfect the frist time you write it down.  Just get writing, let it flow! You can go back and change it later, but for now just start! Don't let the fear of having it not be exactly what you want keep you from doing it!  It is important to know what you want, so you can do the next step and write some goals that will assist you in accomplishing becoming who you would like to be!  You can do it! :0)
Step Five:  Write down some goals!
Here we go!  What you've all been waiting for! Let's write some goals!
Take a couple of minutes to go over your answers to steps 1-4. Refresh your memory on where you've been, what you've learned and where you wish to go now.
Make a list of habits or actions that would assist you in living that vision.
Here are some of the things on my list: GOSPEL STUDY, GRATITUDE, FAITH, CHARITY, financial freedom, live in a clean space, and live in my healthy body.
Write those things down in sentences.  Now, I am a pretty busy person (or I at least pretend to be), so I've learned as I've been working on simplifying my life that my goals need to really be worthwhile and purposeful to accomplish, or they are just a waste of my valuable time. To ensure they are worthwhile goals, I ask myself these questions:
-Is this goal in line with my 2013 Vision?
-Does this goal help me live in my soulful brilliance?
-Does this goal assist other people too?
-What is my motivation for doing this? Why should I spend my time on this goal?
If your answer is no or you don't really have good motivation to accomplish a goal, then maybe you should find something else to work on that will be worth spending your precious time on.
Writing down your motivation (the WHY you are doing it) for accomplishing a goal is super important! In order to truly be able to accomplish anything permanent, we get to be connected to it with our hearts.  When I first started my 90 Day Mind-Body Transformation with Marci Lock, she asked me why I wanted to do it.  Essentially it was to lose weight and learn better ways to work out.  Heart connection? Nope.  Digging deeper with her that day I discovered that what I really wanted was to be at peace with myself and my body.  My weight was just a number.  Would I have been happy losing 25 lbs? Yes, but would it have been a lasting happiness? Nope. Even after finding that peace with myself and my body and finding my soulful brilliance, I still allowed my old beliefs back in to my life for a while.  I hated myself and my body again.  How grateful I am for the tools I learned to get back on track and remember my true motivation for keeping my body and mind strong and healthy!
I've been able to stay connected to different groups that have done the 90 Day Program that I did and it was very interesting to see everyone's different motivations for doing it.  The people who are successful are the ones who have a true heart connection with their goals in the program.  Sadly, many people doing the program didn't have that heart connection with their goals and were not able to be lastingly successful.
Motivation is SUPER important!
So sit down, write your goals, answer the above questions and especially write down what your motivation is for doing it!
I'll share my goals in a couple days, I need to really get thinking about them.:0)
P.S. Don't forget to share your goals and motivation in the comments below to be entered into a drawing for prizes :0)

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