Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Be nice!

Hello friends!  It feels like forever since I last posted!  I have been busy with some new creations for Soulful Brilliance and can't wait to share them with you!  Watch for more on this at a later time!

Today I would like to talk to you about loving yourself.  This was a big shift for me in the beginning of my journey.  I was a perfectionist and believed everything I did had to be perfect and that I "should" be doing a lot more than I was or I "should" be doing better at what I was doing.  Because of this mindset, I was not very nice to myself.  I don't think I consciously thought of it as being mean to myself, but it was.  I finally realized what I was doing and had to work hard on shifting it. 

As I've been thinking of my experience, been to different seminars and retreats, and heard different people telling their stories, I discovered some general reasons why many people are not nice to themselves.  First, we believe we are not good enough.  Second, we don't think we're worthy.  Third, we aren't attractive.  For myself, it was all of these things.  In order to shift these beliefs I had the opportunity to start having a serious talk with myself every night.  I would stand in front of my mirror, look myself in the eyes, and tell myself that I was beautiful!  That I was deserving!  That I was enough!  That I was an amazing person!  I would also tell myself all the amazing things I had done during the day.  And of course, that I loved myself!  I will admit that at first it was a completely emotional experience.  I hadn't thought those things about myself for so long.  Saying them and really trying to believe them was at first really hard, but as I repeatedly told myself these things, I started to believe them.  It was empowering!  The more I believed them, the nicer I was to myself without thinking about it.  My days became better!  I was happier!  I had more energy to assist other people around me!  It didn't just serve myself to do these things, it helped the people around me as well!

Loving yourself will change your life!

It is my hope that you love yourself, so you can be happy and create the kind of life you truly wish to live!  My challenge to you this week is to try the Mirror Exercise that I described above.  Stand in front of a mirror and tell yourself that you are amazing, worthy, enough or whatever you feel you need to hear from yourself.  Tell yourself what a great job you did during the day even if it was that you got up and breathed in and out.  And most of all don't forget to tell yourself that you love you!  Don't forget how amazing you truly are!  Please let me know how your doing with the challenge by commenting below or send an e-mail to me at meg@soulfulbrilliance.com!  I would really love to hear your stories! 


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